Tales of the Traveler: Ryu Video Thread



Post videos of the best that Ryu has to offer (if…it’s anything at all).








Reserved 2


Mike Ross has been playing Ryu [media=youtube]H4Yapt1k3sA&feature=feedu[/media]
first match against Neo and at 36:32


I’ll wait until we get more Ryu Centric videos…mostly because that would be a pain to sift through even with knowing where it is…



there something simple I did real quick. Just to show its possible. Cuz for some reason guide etc says you cant combo after thrust kick or shin shoryukenmid screen. Pretty simple really.


Alright, good stuff, i’ll put it up.





dialupsucky has even more Ryu combos that should start being BnB Ryu stuffs - very nice work, dude: [media=youtube]SUXdtPxjIjM&feature=player_embedded#at=34[/media]



Updated version using sucky’s relaunch and my ender. I cut out hits to min/max damage, although I’m sure there’s a way to squeeze in even more! (maybe S, sj.S, land Shinku?)


heh thanks for the props…


theres the couple combos I accidently left out of yesterdays one. Didnt realize they were out untill it was on youtube and then i just went to bed…

Meh can’t really think of many other cool/diff things to do. I want to get the upwards shinkuu hadoken into ground combo, and you can do random shit like shin shoryuken fireball have them fall into fireball then combo… And you can wave dash in hurricane kick so it hits behind then juggle after…And well tragic just posted the thrust kick to jump air combo…

So having a hard time figuring out anything diff… lol

I think in general the little hit buffer is troublesome… Can’t find a way to build enough meter for that second shin shoryuken combo. As a matter of fact the guy can tech so fast at some points ive even had my knock down attacks in the air hit UP. No knock back screen lol… Game really doesnt want 3 shin shoryuken combos I guess…

Oh well…


Mind showing us the inputs in the combo thread if u dont mind, an to do those combos do u do thrust kick wavedash (:atk::atk::d:) c.:m:c:h::f::h: etc

It seems easy to do is it one wavedash as seen in the vid?

And the vid isn’t showing



Theres the 4th… I think im about done idea wise, as I was really just trying to keep it totally ryu period… Im disapointed I had to use a assist period for the 7 level super combo, but no matter what set up I did, I always needed just a bit more meter. shrug

… I think in general its just a matter of mixing and matching now… I can’t think of a lot of other ideas that I havn’t show… Problem is of course hit buffer coming into play. Everytime I think I do something cool, guy will tech to fast to do anything else… As ive talked about before you can actually do shinkuu hadoken aim upwords to ground combo, but I was to lazy to tape it. And as I say in the description of that video as well in X factor you can do duck medium fireball over and over again yadda yadda. But again to lazy to tape it.

As for the wave dashing thing. Its set up/character/positon dependent. Some characters you can hit easily with one wave dash to a stand medium or duck medium. Where as others like again I show in this video above twice vs ryu you have to double wave dash in period to get it. Unless of course your near the corner. But yea some characters mid screen you gotta do double wave dash. Im just doing 2 buttons down 2 buttons jab really quick. Again it is possible to do a medium from a double wave dash. But again to lazy to tape it. I think you get the idea.

If the video isnt showing umm go to my main page I guess it should be there shrug…

YouTube - SaishuuKessen’s Channel


Will double wavedashing work on characters that only need one wavedash? Asking bec if it does then with wont need character specific wavedash, if it doesn’t then this will be hard doing dw an wd for specific characters…



Meterless kill on anyone under the 1 million health bracket. Very easy to set up. Works like a charm off jumping light tatsu or normal jump ins, unblockable setups, whatever. 1 meter to kill 1+ mill hp, level 1 XF used.

No assist.



Updated again… Was suppose to be up yesterday but got sick as usual… anywho… looks like combo to knock down tiger knee air fireball shinkuu hadoken(brings them back up into the hit then hits the rest of it)is his most powerful air combo version but a fair bit.

Still got a few more ideas so just a matter of getting back to it shrug…


Wow wow wow, dialupsucky!! Okay, that is really freaking creative with the air shinku hadoken, air.H, shinku hadoken, air.S, to shinku hadoken.

Love your work, man!


After seeing that it makes me want to try new things but what I try never works nice find.


Heh thanks guys… Anyway yea ill try to put up some more stuff here soon… although really can’t think of much else to do, again just mixing and match of stuff ive done in everything. Hard to think of anything new. Guess ill do those hard to hurricane hard to hurricane loop then to triple shinkuu hadoken? But is that even worth it? Its really just same thing sorta blah…

Note that you actaully can get 3 air shinkuu hadokens but you have to just hit a super jump shinkuu hadoken as the first hit it seems so… kinda silly…

Also note that if you are vs a character that can be hit by a hard to hurricane kick that actually does more damage. Since at that point your normals are usualy doing only a few points of 0 points of damage period. And specials keep doing good damage even that long in a combo.

Maybe ill do that upwords shinkuu hadoken that hits really slow then to air combo then to triple shinkuu hadoken? lol blah… ill try to think of something new…


with Level 1 X factor