Talk about Abel's step-kick options here



I’ve seen many threads posted asking what you can do in a particular instance after step kick. No more threads started over it (hopefully), post here.


Well, I can’t do much, seeing as though I usually drop his BnB combo.


Can’t do much? You’re in. +1 frame advantage on block just screams normal throw.


I like to step kick throw, then cl.s.hp marseilles roll. If the cl.s.hp hit in any way the roll comes out and i think even light kick marseilles roll. Throw mashers, eh. Someone who ALWAYS does throw do a tornado throw basic. But usually just regular throwing is the best because it doesn’t have a million frames of recovery. But I’ve been practicing step kick st.hp everyday for about ten minutes and i’m at about 50% of the time hitting it. Where as of last month probably 20%. Practice! I use audio cues. But yeah, just practice practice practice and you’ll start to get it. I’ve watched matches of Rico Suave dropping it, it’s still a one frame linkj and not easy to hit. But as you practice it’ll get easier.


Obviously there’s a lot of stuff you can do after a step kick (after a blocked one of course, since if you hit, you should always try to go for the standing fierce).
I like to mix it up, but there are always people with patterns who, for example, always mash shoryu or who always mash jump after they’ve blocked a step kick. Sometimes you have to wait instead of going for normals or throws right away. The jumpout guys, however, can be caught by going for falling sky right after the forward dash. Of course, this is extremely unsafe if it whiffs, but I suggest only doing it if you know the other guys too afraid and he’s gonna jump out everytime.


As a protip, figure out what people do after a f+mk. For example, if they like to neutral jump, whiff your normal grab. You recover in time to anti-air with a cl.s.hp and cancel into a roll (lk in front, mk in back).


so pro


Wondering if mk. wheel kick would be an effective option for jump back. More safe if it gets blocked than if sky-fall whiffs. But can’t it be stuffed with say…a jump back rh? Idk, why I’m asking.


Close fierce or close roundhouse will both hit ppl jumping out, fierce keeps them grounded too. Don’t do wheelkick please. Roundhouse has a lot of active frames so it can also hit ppl’s backdash


As was shown in Strider’s briken OS back throw buffer falling sky, if they mash, you block, they thorw, you tech, the jab, you throw, also if the mash SRK and your doing falling sky motion repeatedly just hit punch for a knockdown.