Tallahassee, FL Thread: Home of Sissy Fights and CP! (Tournament 10/13)


SRK Thread: http://shoryuken.com/forum/index.php?events%2Fcapital-punishment-2-tallahassees-premier-fighting-game.14094%2F
Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/438673066174485/


I’ll make edits to keep up with it because Drew doesn’t check forums EVERRRRR.

So, who’s gonna’ be on that JoJo HD?

Tallahassee, FL: Where fighting games died on May 15th. Tournament 7/28

You, for like 20 minutes.

Eternal rage for the 60 second post-wait. Definitely had my thread done first… if it wasn’t for the timer.


Get on my posting level!

But for real, I’ll PLAY Jojo’s, but it’ll just end up being me, Crespo, and Mike C.


I’ll play it. I loved it on DC.


well i guess we’ll just ignore the thread i made



Logan: Yes to Jojos if you get on it.

First 2 characters im gonna get on when P4U drops is Naoto and Yu. Then later Aigis and akihiko.


Am I in the right thread? Everyone in TLH getting click-happy all at the same time, reminds me of 3:03am on May 15. LoL


Error 37. Please try again later.



Put this in the op, Mike


aka a list of events in Orlando.

Hey speaking of Orlando events, Storm? Drew can we work out the budget for this thing?


Inside of DeadMau5 helmet. Its not just a mouse helmet. Hes hiding the new version of Professors X’ Cerebro.


P.S. Fuck error 37 son. :open_mouth:


That’s way more complex than the Daft Punk Helmet. Dude has to have a buff neck to rock that shit… So many RGB LEDS!


Aaaand on that note, Daft Punk > deadmau5 all day.


Jarv: Agreed
Chris Austin: An luck?
Ron: You should call me before your power goes out…
All: I’m in town on Monday anyone around?
All: It was like Lets Make a Deal trying to post this in the right thread. “Whats behind door number three, Tallahassee?”


Sissy fights! YES!


the power at that place hasn’t been in your name fora really long time. I had it in my name ever since you moved out, and switched it out of my name when i got married/moved. So his power probably won’t be going out, I think its in his name even, or logan grays, whoever did it. The cable on the other hand might still be in your name, though.


Jojo’s is really, really bad. There is a reason people still play games like VS and Alpha 2/3 yet NO ONE plays Jojo’s.


Sweet. Thanks guys.


Aside from the low damage output and Petshop, it’s not THAT bad.


real question is will anyone get on that ‘new’ marvel game? i never really got into those games and would like to try them out.