Tallahassee, FL: Where fighting games died on May 15th. Tournament 7/28


Next tournament, 7/28 at GameScape

SRK Thread:

Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/events/422534221119741/

Tallahassee 2012: Streaming Tuesday casuals, twitch.tv/LowTierSteve!


Games sound pretty sweet, especially the day after Skullgirls’ release. I might be down for that.


You mean two days after release. Superior PS3 store checking in.

RE: Thursday games – yes yes yes. Gonna be finished with a huge project and test combo, will be a good way to blow off steam before another weekend of C# programming. Plus, not to hate on Drew but I don’t have 40-50 bucks a month to throw away on cards.

Can we geet Community on a TV when its on? I won’t even ask to watch Chopped/Sweet Genius.


Stop losing! It’s what I did!


Oh yeah I forgot Thursday was Drew’s poker night. Wednesday or Friday then? Whenever…I don’t really care.


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Cool, I see how that would help… Thanks for that…

Sorry man… I am trying to get out and play more before the 4th child gets here on the first of July… R.O.O.T. (Running out of time). I will try to make it to another tourney in this area before CEO but if not we should meet up at CEO, (if you go) I will bring the clan/my family down there for the weekend so you can see how they have grown. Hope you are doing well man… Long time no game :frowning:


I might be going to CEO, but I’m broke as fuck right now (can’t find jobs here in Tally), but I’m not giving up on it yet. Yeah man, need to see how you guys are doing - can’t believe you’re makin’ a fourth kid, hahaha. I think one would be enough for me. Definitely need some old-school low tier Tilt MvC2, too. Damn I miss that place sometimes. You on XBL at all?


Hey, you. Eat a dick. Thanks. Thread was about to be locked. The person that will answer your question will definitely read the remainder of that thread. You will be fine.


Inb4 angry posts and implications of love for men.


I’m not much of a gambler (or a Kenny Rogers fan for that matter). Drew I think you should kill poker on Thursday so we can play games. Consider this: the money you were going to pay to play poker with could buy you 2/3s of SkullGirls! So… 2 and 2/3s characters lol.


No need for that if dude’s (who aren’t you) want to play poker. I’m flexible.


4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, shit I will go until she will stop me. Nothing like mixed kids with good manners, the world needs more of them, and I am here to help!! I am on PS3 for right now but I guess I need to change over to XBOX If I want to game in the south… I never play online tho. Work form home, school from home, 3 kids home all the time, wife working/schooling from home, I actually enjoy paying to play games in an environment that is meant for it, (Underground Alley) and there are usually people there to play with, and no online lag!!!

Dude, dropping mad money in Tilt for MvC2 high and low tier used to be the shit!! Why did Tilt have to fail us??? Felicia/Sabertooth/Iceman… Can you stop the “Cat Scratch Flu”

Just a joke man, chill please. Just put the question in this thread… Or continue to tell me to eat men’s goodies… Either way, I was only joking. But on the reelzzzzzz…

8" or better and I will!!


Posting so that adam doesntthinkthisisaghosttownthenpromptlyjoinsloganonsc2ladder


I might hit up skullgirls on friday, but i know james will have it tomorrow and he will want me to pick him up for games possibly.


live stream Mike Z going over alot of stuff in the game. he just explained life totals, color schemes(choose with start), and assist programming. Alot of really cool stuff.


Ron i would like to do games and poker if that wouldn’t be an issue, could you have it on a different day?

also just to confirm SFxT is gonna be on PS3, and Skull Girls will be switched to PS3 gonna go change that now!


FYI I’m out for poker this week (gotta watch my budget).


well if steve and mike g are out, there might not be a poker night this week…





If no poker night, then games be on.


And the sad part is, this is a legit strat.