Tallahassee MVC2 tourney 2-19-06

1st Logan Anderson "loganx2000"
2nd Andy Andrews "Ben Damon"
3rd Ed Strunk "Mizter ED"
4th MB "Spicules"
5th Charles
5th Adonis "Guardian"
7th Chirs Lynn
7th Rob
9th Nic Lynn
9th Mikey D "GuileMike"
9th Jay “Project”

teams used?.. sorry i couldn’t make it, my girl came to town, gotta spend time with her :smiley:

Logan used: MSP, Santhrax, Scrub, Matrix

I (Andy) used: Scrub, Mitsu, Sent/Cable/Psylocke, Mike Z, ScrubClops, Storm/Cable/Cyc

Ed used: Jug/Collosus/Hulk

Charles used: Scrub, MSP

MB used: Drunkin ClockwOrk and equally drunkin Santhrax

I don’t know the rest.