Tallahassee Thread: 3 times the Marvel, 3 times the Capcom, 3 times the butt kickings


And three times the tacos.


Free tacos all year long you know I’m all about that


Logan are you gonna pick that Mango sentinal man. New york Knicks colors baby.


Mango Sentinel confirmed for Jarv Tier.


I won’t be able to make it out tonite to SLC, but I’ll see you guys next week for some Marvel to try out…

Team X-Blades: X-23, Wolvie, and Deadpool.


Definitely. I’m really liking the dark colored sentinel though man he lookin’ pretty sick haha


Games 4 less will have MVC3 on Monday around noon. Tell them I sent ya :wink:


eh :confused: Since monday night = valentine’s day dinner out and what not anyway , probably gonna just wait til midnight and not cancel my gamestop reservations. Tuesday off work though hooray!


Completely forgot about that one. Pretty sick color too!, but that Mango. DAT MANGO!!! :bgrin:

I dont know if i will even be able to take advantage of playing Monday. If G4L gets it. Valentines day is gonna be a pretty hectic day for me as well. Definitely gonna try to make the midnight release though!


My exact situation. Hittin up Ocala Gamestop at 10 am when they open!


I just dropped in to say morrigan all day, every day. She’s going to be Dormmamu’s bottom bitch, that is all.


Played Marvel at Best Buy a bit today. Left bumper definitely is balls. Liking it though, shit is clean. Definitely probably gonna pick it up eventually.

Also, there are 3-4 holes on the bottom of the clear case by the 360. Pretty sure you could sync your own wireless, or plug in a stick. Whatever you want, pretty lame to have a fighter on display with one controller.


Yeah that was pretty stupid. We kind of bitched at the employees about it earlier and was told someone was looking into it…that guy never returned >_>


I remember walmart had a single player demo for sfiv vanilla on 360. Just maybe its a single player demo? shrug i dont know the specifics but i also know it would be kidna ghetto to roll up in the middle of bestbuy with arcade sticks and setup shop. lol…

Although if they let us im sure wed get a crowd and maybe even a random ch6 news spot. i see that fuckin news van in places reporting on the dumbest shit.

  1. Nope. Full Game.

  2. This is true.


no multi controllers cause niggas play fighting games and five niggas together in one location is legally a gang. Gangs are bad for business.

Seriously if game4less has it monday im there but will they have the guide as well i would like to have that for the frame data.


Ye ye, definitely full game. I beat it on Arcade earlier today lol. Galactus is kinda lame, no lie. Also, who put that shit on Very Easy? lol.


This Team Spooky stream is too good. Justin.tv - Live Streaming Video


Thank you Spooky for showing me the other 2 people i wanted on my team. Team Wesker, Chun, Skrull confirmed.

Also wow. Im reeeally liking how they setup pmode alooot of options you can play with in there w/o having to go back to character screen.

P.S. (if you loved melty blood youll love marvel 3, the game will feel very familiar to you) - spooky hahaha :smile:


Looks like I’m going to be busy this weekend. Something…has come up.