Tallahassee Thread: Home of players that occasionally beat pretty decent people (Tournament 10/13)


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ALl guys new thread

Tallahassee, FL Thread: Home of Sissy Fights and CP! (Tournament 10/13)

Not sure about panama city, but we have sessions every week in Pensacola of UMvC3. Pensacola is about 1.5-2 hours away from you. If you are ever interested in coming out, let me know.


alright, thanks for the heads up and I might be going to Pensacola within the next week or so. I’ll let you know if Im going


Dothan is about an hour away to the north and we have regular meetups every weekend and the occasional tournament


Im actually moving to Panama city in about a month.


I just moved back to pensacola from atlanta. Anyone still doing sessions or tournaments on the panhandle?


Anyone here playing fighting games? Just moved here recently from GA. btw I play SFIV, but I’m looking to either get into KoF or UMvC3


I’m stationed on Tyndall now and I’ll have my place off 23rd st the 21st of July. Btw I played SF4, SSF2T, SFA2, and am willing to play most anything even if I suck at it.


Hey guys, I’m in Fort Walton Beach. Hit me up if you wanna play something, on or offline
ps3: wrblack


Tallahassee, FL: Where we hype up our tournaments with bad FB copypasta.
Tallahassee, FL: All our best players are not from here.
Tallahassee, FL: Just a pitstop on the way to the real FL FGC – Orlando!
Tallahassee, FL: Where fighting games die before they are released
Tallahassee, FL: Home of Jerks.
Tallahassee, FL: Gotdamn we still got dudes playing AE wtf


Hooray Drew! I was waiting for the new thread (why?) to ask this:

Anyone wanna house me next Friday or Saturday? It’s completely not necessary for me to attend CP but it would be neat to get some games in with youse guys either before or after.


I’m sure i could ron


Neat - pick a day, find out, and just let me know so I can go from there!


If he can’t I can get you for Friday.

Also I have cats.

And play Marvel.


I’d be able to house on friday, just let me know what your plans are, I.E when you would be in town etc.


I can be up there anytime after 3 but not later than probably 7-8.


Since Ron and I tied for Marvel last tourney, my goal is to beat him this time around. With Ghost Rider on the team. GO! GO! GO!

Also, MK Tourney will be recorded and put up on the TLH channel.


That should not happen again! I have complete confidence that, even though I’ve been in the woods for over 2 months, I will play no worse than the last time I played offline - possibly better!


Won’t be enough!


You good at tekken yet mike?