Tallahassee Thread: Home of players that occasionally beat pretty decent people (Tournament 10/13)


good news: looking forward to the LOVE tourny. checked my work schedule, and the stars have aligned! will deff be there for once.
iffy: moved off base, into an apartment, haven’t had internet for several weeks, which equates to me getting rusty as hell. but was told today to expect u-verse here shortly (anyone know anything about the quality on that?)
flat out bad: me. lol


I spent a couple hours training in AE with Geoff yesterday. I am going to beat GTB 5-0 at this tournament. THEN I’M COMING FOR ANDY AND LOGAN IN MVC2 SO GET READY BITCHES


Since my foot is still effed, I need 2 strapping young lads to assist with transport and setup of the ST cab and Pin

Rob will be helping too, but I need some people to help me/him out as well. This means that someone can be at Gamescape around 10 a.m. (As soon as they open) to help me get these up and running, Total setup time should only be around 45 minutes for both of them. Any volunteers?


I’ll be there.


Thanks bud!


You say “strapping young lads” and Steve says “to what?”.

I can help too!


So, it looks like we had a really good turnout for casuals last night. Hopefully we can keep it going, people are really starting to up their game in AE around here.


Had fun at casuals, y’all!

Stream stuff is working great now, after I put a little time into completely uninstalling everything and basically starting the capture device setup from scratch. Thanks to everyone that threw me a couple of bucks, it is greatly appreciated! I’m picking up an audio splitter and some headphones, so that whoever is playing on the stream setup can use headphones for game audio. For some reason, my ASUS monitor isn’t outputting sound as high when it’s used for the stream setup, so if we use headphones EVO-style, we should be good to go. I’m also picking up two new webcams, so that we don’t have to keep dealing with the autofocus issue (thanks to AK for the tip on the new camera!).

Can somebody put together a quick :30 promo for Capital Punishment 3: Bodiedin the First Degree? I think I found the way to add commercials to our stream, but I don’t know that I have time to put somethining together. Some kind of quick text-based thing would be fine. Let me know if you can!


I’ll make a Commercial for Arcade Age. Can someone show me how to make commercials?


Dang man, I could show you - video editing is one of my actual skills. Maybe you and I could sit down and crank out both :30 spots.


For sure man. That’d be great!


I know it’s a long drive but I hope some of you guys can make it up to ATK next weekend. If you need a place to crash hit up the event page and we’ll take care of you!



Sorry, we have LOVE of Florida the same day right here.


Anyone interested with a Vita: PSAS only $19.99 at Gamestop!


AE 2012 free for PSPlus starting tomorrow. GOGOGOGOGOGO NO EXCUSES


Did I read mvc2 somewhere on here recently?! Or was that a dream…


Jason is coming to Geoff’s tournament this weekend and other people are talking about MMs or something I dunno. People I’ve never heard of (aside from Allen, but he wasn’t talking MvC2)


Someone say Marvel? (the real one not the sesame street sequel)


This joke brought to you by the number 3 and the letter U


Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays, all!