Tallahassee Thread: Home of players that occasionally beat pretty decent people (Tournament 10/13)


Not much, thinking about updating Viper’s match up thread since its old as hell but some of the forum options are not working well. So, we’ll see…<br>

<br><div>Also waiting on Sony’s reveal.</div>


for me srk has been off. drew i thought u were going to come see about me quit ducking me homie!!<br>


Are the quote and spoiler tags not working for anyone else?


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Its like a fukkn funeral in here. Whats the deal Tally?


yo drew i should be able to roll through for ur session this tuesday. Can i talk shit on stream…

also i need to listen to people more sometimes u can be too open minded about things.

to andy if there arent any really good games out then there is shit to talk about unless we go straight SC.
nothing other than marvel has lasted long enough to get serious about.

on some other stuff i played the new tomb raider and that is not a tomb raider game. its a solid game but its like they just pasted laura in an uncharted game.
is anyone going to try injustice?


Just a quick reminder that Mobile, AL tournament is this Saturday! Come out and support the scene. Hope to see you guys!


We’re still playing junk at Drew’s every Tuesday! Too bad everything out right now is straight booty juice.


Yo, I haven’t seen y’all in a minute. Casuals at Drews on Tuesdays still happening?? Could somebody PM me his number, I got a new phone and dun lost it.

-Adam B.


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Hey so I just moved up to tally, is there any kind of scene for casuals or anything going on here?


Yup, we play every Tuesday at @TallyDrew 's place. Most people stopped posting on the forums due to Facebook being easier (and the forums/site being fucking awful to use because of ads/forum software now). https://www.facebook.com/groups/256246461093871/


so yeah, yall r ghey

that is all


holy crap is our town really this dead since i left?


Nah man, we just use the Facebook group instead of here.


Im new to the Panama City area and was wondering is their a scene and/or good arcade to meet up for casuals.




Its been dead. I’m the last OG left in Tally.


guess what yall?


Bye Forums! You were amazing at one point. Brought a bunch of nerds together for games, drinks and debauchery. You are and will be missed.

Shouts to all my old school Tally people. Hope everyone is well.