Tallahassee Thread: Home of players that occasionally beat pretty decent people (Tournament 10/13)


Drew mentioned that he might be doing casuals on Monday since Tuesday is election night and some of us may be following the results all night.



R.I.P Tally SRK Thread.

Also, Steve and I decided that Drew’s new name is Nintendo WiiDrew.


[LEFT]I’ll revive it and start talking crap about everyone as soon as I get a dang job. [/LEFT]


We just need to start a conversation about tiers or braindead Marvel characters.

I’ll start: Doom can suck my nuts.


Better idea, anyone want a Dota 2 key? I have like 5 now



Fuck Doom.

Also I can’t guarantee I would play for more than 5 minutes, but I’ll take one!


My brother in law just gave me one but thanks Mike j!

So what is this game?


here is the first one even though she loses cause its a shit match up u can see the ultra os which is the only one she has that works against honda. All the other reversals i told u about also work off the same os. U can look closely at the vid inputs to see its the jab os.

This vid show how to utilize her spacing tool including how much stuff her back dash evades against him. It should also give a better idea on how to pressure ands attack with axe kick.

this is just a better idea of how the match up flows its pretty evenhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IEiyHfs1rYQ at some point its just who makes the right read or hit confirm.


ron i will kill ur mothers girlfriend if i ever find u disrespecting the almighty doom again. die in hell u back water romney supporter!!


Whatever man you’re just jealous you don’t live around a bunch of white people.


Anyone going to pick up All-Stars? I’m going to play it while recovering from Surgery all next week. If you get it, let me know!


FUCK FUCK too many games. I made time to play and beat Xcom, which was kickass, but I still have barely touched RE6 and Cod Blops 2, and havent even seen Halo4. Now All Stars and Guilty Gear also added to my list. AAARRRRGGGHHH


I kind of want to, but I’m not sure how much I enjoyed it on the Vita since a 4player match makes things tiny as fuck to see.


I’m gonna snag it. I’ll be on if you all want to get down. @Steve, we should be coming home with your Tekken 2 cab Saturday evening. You can start working on it whenever.


Is anybody getting a Wii U? I’m on a waitlist at Gamestop but probably won’t get it for a bit…


^Who do you think^?.. I’ll be getting one sometime next year.


If anyone is buying PS All-Stars on PS3 and has no plans to use the Vita download code…I’ve got $25 with your name on it!


@Mike G Done!



If anybody wants to play WiiU today HMU! I have Nintendoland, Mario, and Sing party!