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New thread bitches, I couldn’t think of anything better.


This new Captain America theme remix is sick.

2011 Tournaments

North Florida Challenge: Tallahassee, FL - January 15

Final Round XIV: Atlanta, GA - March 11-13 - Registration information


Games today? If so when and where (kind of busy so want to know asap if I can make it).


to jay: Portal was on PC as well, so not xbox exclusive. PC is the way to go for that, sir! Also Ron is correct in saying it was amazing and portal 2 will be the tightest.


i heard it was incredible but didnt bother since i thought it was an xbox exclusive. That is cool might just go on my black friday list. And pc is usually the way to go for most things


Sounds like more gay porn to me…


Change of plans ppl I’m still down for games but I can no longer host. Jay I’ll call you in a bit to see if you still can.


Dude…Seth is the busnazz.

Just wanted you all to know it. Logan got a taste.


Hows that PC holding up bro? I was gonna catch a Black Friday Sale myself and get some more Ram and a GTX 460. You might want to check to see if Newegg or amazon will be doing anything special for that game as well.

P.S. You gonna be free sometime this weekend or next week? Got some free time and Its been awhile id like to hit you up for a session.


Looks like Chris is in Top 8 at CEO. Stream: CEO Gaming on Justin.tv

@Adam: Saw these at the Goodwill on Capital Circle NE, thought you might be interested: http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/hs1175.snc4/154774_501782784051_603109051_7381981_201469_n.jpg


Download G-Mike Jan Mix 2011.mp3 from Sendspace.com - send big files the easy way

if u like trance check this out


the cpu is doing just fine. You know the deal with me just have to hit me up and see. This sunday is a no go however.

I thought u just upgraded your cpu not too long ago.


SF tonight? I want to see how this Seth fares.


I’m down but it’ll have to be later, need to finish up some homework.


Just come through whenever


Finished up at a definitive 10th place in 3D Perception (beat the two below me in the tournament in the 9-12 bracket). The skill and player familiarity required to get anywhere past that is… pretty staggering and I’ve got a month before the next one so back to work.

See you boys on Tuesday. Jay, I’ll hit you up tomorrow.


That being said, I fully expect you to be on a stick the entire time on Tuesday with an infinite win streak. Haha.


Haha, fuck that noise. I’m probably going to sit out and watch. Most of my work is going to be memorizing frame data for the top all of my 5/5 and 4/6 matchups, reading match up forums and playing players like Prince, Jo Grey, and CJ Truth online.

That and playing as Ryu.


I’d like to think that you should be trying to become the best in Tally which probably wont happen by watching, but that’s just me and my silly logic.

Also, this might interest you: WAMO On Block? - by bubafeast


That’s what the traveling is for. I know Im saying Ill probably be watching, but chances are I’ll be playing, though. Just don’t know as who. Might random select all night and play Rog on request if there are enough TVs.

And appreciate it. I’ll take a look at it.


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Oh my godddddddd you guys are extra fucked. And if that Tsurugi change means what I think it does, Makoto is going to have an instant two-hitter overhead that costs a bar. AND the first girl in this game to have 1000 health? This is like Christmas but better. Calling it now, Makoto is jumping up several tiers, possibly to MID TIER.