Tallahassee Thread Touch My Sparkle Anus!

Monday night football, we wana do Monday night Tekken instead?

Mikey you just made my day. This thread title is the best. Monday Tekken is cool with me.

Jay iSW right now about 30% been practicing it for about 20 or so minutes now. Getting it alot more from all ranges by doing the f,f,n~F2+4. Is this the same one you do in combos or the f,n,f,f version? because i can get it from super close and like the 1.5-2 char length away like we were practicing by doing the former. Gonna keep at it should be able to nail it by the end of the night ill let you know.


about 60% now makes it easier when i smack that good last forward and 2+4 hits the timing right on the money.

looking back my problem was that i was doing n~F2+4 part to slow. that and i wasnt getting the last foward right before the dash ends so i get the ‘run’ right after the animation ends.

For lars the ffnf 2 is the version you need to do in his combo off the bf21 bound.

Damn I really want to play tekken with everyone right now but I guess im off to be sociable gentlemen.

Andy let me know when you plan to be leaving out of town next week. I thought me you and adonis were suppose to be getting each other ready for this game, but I guess I’ve been being lame. We still all need to get up before the holidays kick in.

yea than ill just stick with that version then because im getting it standing at and all the different ranges doing the f,f,n~F2+4 version.

Im so pumped. cant wait to get this shit down. Ive always wanted to learn iSW and its not even that terribly hard.


sweet monday i am coming over to try out some new combos on live people with no lag



andy we will be in ftl when this is happening, it is down the street from pimp

I wanna compete.

GG to the guys b4 I went to work tonight. Why so serious Adonis?:lovin:

Also, guys seriously the Taco Bell shit all over my house is pissing me off. I don’t clean up after myself much less anyone else. I love having you cats over all the time but fuck clean up after yourselves. or don’t eat at my house. no joke. not laughing.


Tonight to James, Ron, Logan, Terrance, Kevin in T6BR.

James and Logan we need to have some good 1on1 sessions. Let me know the next time you guys are free.

Hey Jay, do you know any of the well known Alisa players or have any links to some tight Alisa matches? All the Alisa forums have are vids from geesendou and the koreaTAKKEN YouTube channels, which while tight…can’t be the only 2 places Alisa is played.

What time on monday night are we thinking.

Also, somebody needs to PM me an address or something. I have no clue where “there” is.

Besides not here.

Only person i have yet to play is you adonis. If you have some free time soon id like to play you.

Ill also be down for some games today hit up the cell.

James so far its looking to be this cord is just trash made. ill try a few other things but to be honest the next step is to by a t5 cord off someone on srk or let me put another pcb in there. PM me with your decision. and ill let you know if anything new arises.

Okay, serious question time: who is who here? I know Guardian is Adonis, but that’s about it. I’m perpetually confused.

alisa 1


alisa 2

alisa 3

I dont know what vids you saw already but here are a few I came across.

im jay

Thanks Jay. You free at all today bro?

I dont know how other people feel about letting thier name out if they dont ‘know’ you persay, but im Matt.

P.S. those customizations are crazy lol.


and not a single iSW. but i did get a few things off that vid about general gist of his spacing, and a few tricky mixups as well as damage + oki on big characters I like ender SE3, d3+4. not to mention i never thought of db2,3 as a part of his wall carry it was good. i think he got a f1,2 into shoulder after the splat too (he already did a bound). That and i didnt know you could go into Silent Entry off of stomp?!? lol… i also want to incorporate that back flip out of Dynamic Entry.

Hey guys I hope I’m not too out of place but I’m selling a Taito Egret II Japanese sitdown arcade machine in Jville. It would be nice to find someone locally to buy this off of me. Great cab for fighters!


Battle Field Arcadia #7 live stream


tekken 6 will be live shortly.

I am GuileMike i am the aka g-Mike

8pm ok andy on monday?

Adonis have you been fucking around with lars fb2,1, B!, iws1~f wall crossups?

Is it even worth doing it instead of taking the damage (unless it wins the round obviously)


Its official it wasnt me my stick was effing up. my d/b,d, d/f no longer respond on my old stick. They finally went from inconsistant to broke. Time for some new parts. Which also couldve been the reason toward the end i was dropping combos on you james esp since lars has a ton of d, d/b motions in his combos.

I am James

Jay i found out the reason why i wasnt getting consistant dashes/back dash cancels on my new stick. theres a button where you can switch the stick into analog and digital modes (to simulate d-pad, L-analog, and R-analog sticks) and it was in L-analog mode. Forgot to set the notch back after i was fucking around with it on the browser that day. Turned it back to digital (d-pad signal) and im getting iSW wwwwaaaay more consistantly.

Also took king to pmode. His iSW seems to be the same timing.

been doing kings iSW off his hop kick no bound and i see how it goes and the timing on the f,f buffer than n~f2+4 immediately. Not too hard at all.

lol this shit is fun. I might have to pick up king one day down the road. (sometime after FR) :smile:

also can someone tell me why the side switch option before the main menu doesnt apply to training mode? what the hell is it for than.