Tally Results MvC2, CvS2, 3S 1/18/03

Since Bryan ain’t doing anything here are some ghetto results
I hope he posts full results later

1.mike mixon [chars: who the fuck cares, he always runs to mag/storm]
2.xander matchett (french, soft t’s) [spiral bullshit]
3.craig dufour (french too but he won’t admit it) [storm/sent/capcom xcept for me cause he’s french and he picks his gay lover: cable]
4.erik johnson [mss]
5.justin zhou (i fuckin hate these fuckers above me, specially mixup) [counter, counter, coutner]

1.richard west
2.mike mixon
3.no clue

1.craig dufour
2.korean mike
3.alex garvin


Tourney was tight as hell. Congrats to Bryan on his first tourney. Tried to play dumb and put me, erik, xander, craig, mike together in the first 2 rounds so tally would win, but I caught him
:lol: looking forward to the next one.

How many ppl entered cvs2?? and who was there for cvs2??

Great job Mike, lucky I wasn’t there…:evil:

Where are the rest of the MvC2 results?
ummm lol:lol: where is Tally?

And I guess Craig is dethoned from the #1 spot in Jax.:lol:

fuck craig and xander, I don’t care. I’ma train totally just to be a Jax killa. Forget adam wasting my time, I’m fucking those to up next week.


What about Mike and I?

You still need to try and train to beat me and Mike off.

Anyways I give you props because run away Storm is way to good. I guess all Asian people are the same.

Oh yea just wondering… but does Magneto have a unblockable?
Cuz I did “something”(ain’t going to tell you) over and over again on people that were blocking yet I always hit them. :evil: +:lol:

I can’t believe people lost to Craig’s easy mode Ken! All you have to do is block and press fierce when he does random DPs=P

hey, hey, hey, Parker, my ken is way too good now.

the tourney was pretty cool, alot of good matches. oh and Alan, BTW, Xander moved to St. Augustine, so im still #1 in Jax:p , later…

wtf craig won 3rd strike??? anyway good job team jax, same to u mixup…

God damn…my first tournament out of retirement… and I do horrible…

I just need my week or so of MVC2 to get me back to my groove :wink:

Very fun


Fun indeed… hey Mixup… this is Ricky. Ur too good, dude. That’s all I gotta say. I was there around 11am. Alotta Storm whoreZ but what else is new? I just phuked around in MvsC2, but was in this for TK4. Too Bad only a couple guys showed up for that. Either way props to Kapplow/Bryan for making this gathering happen.

damn Richard’s Raw Kyo owns all.

I want to play that Kyo again, and June’s Kim. Off the wall characters owning people, I love it.

Good going Richard. What team did the top 3 cvs people use?

:eek: :eek: :eek: WTF?

Well, being high didn’t help me at the tourney at all. Guess it’s time to drop Jill. sniff Everybody at the tourney was mad cool (except Mixup who tried to break my mas playing CVS2 of all games…) lol. BTW, mixup, the GB you did with Mags and IM was nice.


You can’t stop it with Jill, you must be crazy.:eek:

Jill is to good.

How the?!


Well St. Augustine is close enough to Jax so I consider it Jax.
That means your #2.:smiley:

Props go out to Craig for winning 3S. :smiley:

Hopefully those who entered this tourney will enter the 3S tourney at the Gainesville March tournament (or even better yet the Florida Invasion come February).

Take it easy guys.

I’m such an idiot. I knew about this tourney all along, I just couldn’t make it due to the fact I had things to do on the 18th.

Hopefully next time Tally has a tourney (that features 3S) I’ll be able to attend.

does craig really play easy-mode ken? Is that even legal? Someone shoulda told me, I would’ve disqualified him.:mad:

Man… Craig got lucky in the first match! I won the second! >( He can’t hang with turtling Ryu, then he went and told everyone how I played, bastard. >(

C’mon now you know theres no way anybody from Tally was going to win MVC2 no matter how the brackets were set up. Also my apologies on not posting the results. Work and school take up alot of my time.
I’d like to thank my good friends and roomates Soup and Gayson for helping me setting up the tourney. Thanks Mike for running CVS2, Justin for helping me w/MVC2 and 3rd strike. And most of all I’d like to thank everybody who showed up, Tally locals and ppl from out of town. Congrats to Rich, I knew he could do it. As for extended results, they kinda got trashed by accident(go ahead a bitch me out, I deserve it) but I do remember TJ got 3rd in CVS2. Once again, thanks to everybody for making this tournament a success.

At least i beat rich for once in a whole match!