Tamiami Extreme Ownage Weekend 4!Friday March 30 and Saturday March 31!

Tamiami Extreme Ownage 4!
Fighting Games Tournament
@Mango Game Center
15190 SW 136 ST Suite 7
Miami, FL 33196

For More Info Call: 786-287-3418…(Mauricio)

$5 Entry Fee
Friday March 30, 2007
Saturday March 31, 2007

Tournament Games List:

-Friday March 30, 2007 (Registration Opens @ 7pm)
$10 Tourney Registration Fee For Each Game

Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Starts @ 9pm
Capcom VS SNK 2 Starts @ 11pm
Marvel VS. Capcom 2 Starts @ 1am
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo(CCC) Starts @ 1am

-Saturday March 31, 2007(Registration Opens @ 12NOON)
$10 Tourney Registration Fee For Each Game
Guilty Gear XX Slash Starts @ 1pm
Super Smash Bros. Melee (1v1) Starts @ 3pm
Tekken 5:DR Starts @ 5pm
Soul Calibur 3 Starts @ 7pm
Dead Or Alive 4 Starts @ 7pm

Tournament Rules:

Street Fighter 3 Third Strike(PS2)
-Double Elimination
-99 second time
-Winner keeps character.
-Loser may choose another character
-Gill is Banned

**Capcom vs. SNK 2(PS2 or DC) **
-Double Elimination
-Ratio Matches
-Default time
-Winner keeps character.
-Loser may choose another character
-E.Ryu, O.Iori, U.Rugal,S.Gouki Banned from Tournament Play
-RC is Allowed

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2(DC)
-Double Elimination
-Default time
-You may not select the same character twice in one team
-No game breaking glitches
-No Gambit glitch
-No Freezing glitches(accidental glitches will be determined by judges)

Guilty Gear XX Slash(PS2)
-Double Elimination
-90 second time
-Winner keeps character.
-Loser may choose another character
-Gold, Shadow, EX characters are banned from tournament play
-Kliff and Justice are banned from tournament play
-GG Mode and GGX Mode are banned from tournament play

Cacom Classics Collection: Super Turbo(PS2)
-Double Elimination
-Default time
-Winner keeps character
-Loser may choose another character
-Akuma is Banned
-Turbo 3 setting

**Super Smash Brothers Melee 1v1(GC) **
-Double Elimination
-8 Minute matches
-4 Stock
-Winner keeps character
-Loser may choose another character and stage
-Items Off

Single Stages: Hyrule Temple, Yoshi?s Island 64, Brinstar Depths, Termina, Icicle Mountain, Flatzone and Corneria.

Maneuvers: Glitches that take control away from your opponent or indefinitly freezing them, such as the Ice Climber?s freeze glitch or Mewtwo?s Soul Stunner, will cost the user one stock. Moves used to recover, such as Peach’s Wallbombing or Jigglypuff’s Rising Pound are fine. Any of those moves used to stall, however, will cost the user one stock. Further attempts will result in forfeiting the match

Soul Calibur 3(PS2)
-Double Elimination
-50 second time
-Random Stages
-Abyss is banned
-No Custom Characters

Tekken 5:DR(PS3)
-Double Elimination
-60 Second Time
-Random Stages

Dead Or Alive 4(XBOX360)
-Double Elimination
-Random Stages
-No Exploits on Maps

Post Here to Pre-Register!

@Mango Game Center
15190 SW 136 ST Suite 7
From 8pm - 4am
$5 Cover

Oh ya i’ll be there for sure just to woop on sorry OZZY, and Peter, so get ready , AND LETS DO THIS

Is it just me or is this a little passed anyone else’s bedtime to start the tourney?

midnight madness tourney. i like it.

mavrick, you don’t exist. walk into the light mavrick! walk into the light!

Yeah seriously? We don’t even get people to come at a regular time.

ill b there.prolly gona bring doa 4 again

is there casuals tonight?

I’ll be at the casuals…

I hope you and your friends come this time. I went 2 weeks ago and none of you showed up :annoy: But I did play with Beyondis, his soul calibur 2 skills are fierce!!

i’ll be there for 3s. i like those times

Holy shit, DOA4, Tekken 5: DR, AND SC3? Imma end up spending like 35 bucks. Seriously worth it though.

Speaking of which, Im one of the friends who didn’t show up. Blaze told me you were going but I didn’t even feel like driving far that day. My bad. From what I HEARD (not gonna name names or anything coughcoughBeyondiscoughcough) you didn’t do so well in DOA3 or Soul Caliber 2. I’ll save ya $10 bucks right now, chances are you wont beat us :badboy:

You should still show up though. Every champ needs a punching bag to beat on before the real thing, ya know?

lmao u sound worse then peter right now lol

I never owned an original xbox, and never played soul calibur 2. I have 3 for PS2. The xbox controller is not fighter friendly, in my opinion. So, he said that eh? lol. Well, if you have played both games, you know how different they are. Like in SC2, Ivy has this stance where she is swinging her sword cowboy style, that’s not in SC3! She doesn’t have the whip stance on SC2 either.

Are you gonna show up for casuals? I wanna know if I won’t feel too bad taking away your money.

We didn’t play DOA3 :wink:

lol if u wana play sc3 let me no bc ill get back to my game and nock ur ass out wit my nigga siegfried and my girl xuahai (i forgot to spell her name lol bitch wit the lil sword).

Sure man, let’s play. Time to start training then.

But no, xianghua should be banned :wgrin:

lol i highly doubt they will ban her. shes beatible.jus gota no wat u doin. so who do u play wit?

I play with Ivy and Nightmare. I learned a bit of xianghua because my brother-in-law was beating me with her. But this was all last year :S Problem is xianghua is too broken in SC3, according to a lot of people. I hope they fix the game for the next installment.

acully shes not broken at all she bearly has range. everythin else is good but that. she was wayyyy more broken in sc2. they slowed her down a lil in this 1. but to me the best sc was part 1 4 dreamcast

It’s not the range, but the speed that is broken. That’s the general complaint I caught from the SC community at www.soulcalibur.com
Let me know when you are down for some casuals, some practice will be good for both of us.

well most likely we’ll b goin on friday. but if something comes up like a girl invitin to go out some or clubbin might have to wait lol.srry cant pass out girls over games.