Tampa 5/8


Well a little team tourney…

Team Bleh
Roland (InfamousElement)
Stevie (xXMagnetoXx)
Will (DFox)

Pete ( BigPeteRosa)
Ben (BshidoHEAT)
Allen (AsianDemon)

Stevie(0) vs Ben(2) - Ben
Stevie(0) vs Allen(2) - Allen
Stevie(1) vs Luke(2) - Luke
Stevie(1) vs Pete(2) - Pete
2 - 8 : OSAN

Roland(1) vs Ben(2) - Ben
Roland(0) vs Allen(2) - Allen
Roland(2) vs Luke(0) - Roland
Roland(2) vs Pete(0) - Roland
5 - 4 : Bleh

Eric(0) vs Ben(2) - Ben
Eric(0) vs Allen(2) - Allen
Eric(0) vs Luke(2) - Luke
Eric(1) vs Pete(2) - Pete
1 - 8 : OSAN

Will(0) vs Ben(2) - Ben
Will(0) vs Allen(2) - Allen
Will(0) vs Luke(2) - Luke
Will(0) vs Pete(2) - Pete
0 - 8 : OSAN

**Over all: Bleh(1) - OSAN(3) **


  • I went undefeated…:stuck_out_tongue:
  • Yeah Team Row… ??? but wheres Team Row…
  • Eric got owned by his Mas at the very end.
  • Stevie wussed out and went home.
  • Ben’s mother got served… Happy Mothers day y’all…


Messed up on one of my scores…but that doesn’t matter…Other comments I’d add are the new teams…



LOL, OSAN > Tampa.

I can’t believe Stevie walked out on us… what a bitch.
The fucker almost lost to just Cable :lol:

I had fun guys, until next time!
My only tip to play is NOT TO PLAY. It builds up that power level. I felt like SSJ12 n shit. :lol:

What do you mean my mom got served?
All ya’lls mom’s got served! :lol:

Happy mothersday to everyone! :stuck_out_tongue: