Tampa Bay Area Thread: SRK Illuminati out to get us

Looks like the thread we were still using got deleted for some reason?

If that’s not the case, let me know, but my bookmark to it (from after srk came back up) is broken, and I can’t find it anywhere

I’ve been looking for it for the last couple minutes myself. Even tried going to the old thread to post in it. Eff you too, srk! Lol

they know where you live

Are there going to be any weekend things going up to CEO?

edit: SRK Dark isn’t to shabby.

Think you’ve changed your avatar enough yet Fox? lol

haha, I never even saved it and it was showing up lol. Which one was best lol

the boobs obviously

By popular demand.

someone say boobs

i felt it

edit: oh my

wtf is this shit with srk new look? am just not feeling it at all.

Change it to SRK dark at the bottom of the page at least, that makes it waaay better. The light version has like no contrast and is just blinding and dumb

friggin weird

I’m feeling it feel meh

I’m feelin ya playboy

your ass better be ready for that rape

I don’t <3 the new srk

make that gang rape :3

im rdy bro forever and always

It’s a damn conspiracy! … And that’s the truth.

wtf is with this stuff. im old and don’t like change. and whats with the bay area added to tampa. are you the shitty rays?

We are Tampa… Bay?