Tampa Bay Street Fighter 4 presents: Tampa RaNBaTs 1.1 4/22/09

OK The Venue of where this will be varies. It’ll either be at Grind house Bar & grill off of McMullen Booth rd. or it’ll be at The D-Pad on US19. It’ll start at 8pm. However keep in mind that the venue AND date may change. I just wanted to make a thread to have a place holder for this tournament. Tourney will be on PS3 since EVO is running it on PS3 and most players have converters for their sticks and/or pads. This decision to throw it on the PS3 is Final! If you want it on the 360, then throw your own tournament:wink:

Double Elimination
Rounds set to best of 3
Matches will be 2 out of 3, Grand Finals will be 3 out of 5
Both Seth and Gouken are allowed
Points are awarded as follows:

Also if someone could bring a GOOD digicam to record vids that would be great!! Tampa Bay Street Fighter 4 has a youtube account to upload vids now:lovin:

When will we get a confirmation on the first location and time?

I’m down to compete!

I’ll record but if I lose I’m trashing all the vids.

ah snap, so its gonna be official who’s really the best in Tampa.

When using Sagat.

So, is this going to happen?

this might go down this weekend, I’m have the updates tonight

What are the chances of there being some tourneys in August? Because ill be down there