Tampa EVO pool monsters 8/14 results


Ok…since no one made a results thread I guess I’ll make one. I’ll update with the full results later.

HDR results:

1st : I$AAC (random select…no really)
2nd : oBryant (rog, guile, Ken, sim)
3rd : leveloneonline (ryu, blanka)

SSF4 results:

1st : Prince (akuma, guile)
2nd: Jebailey (rog)
3rd : Booker (bison)


SUPER Street Fighter 4

1: Prince Martinez
2: Alex Jebailey
3: Dexter “Booker” James (BI)
4: Will Ruiz (DH)
5: Bob Nadal (ZA)
5: Leland Miller (ZA)
7: Tyler Lessing
7: Marc Sosa (BL)
9: Alex Costa (CO)
9: Chris Jayson (FE/SA)
9: Aaron Otis
9: Carey (HO)
13: Brian Black (EL)
13: J. J. Joly
13: Ian Kolblinski
13: Harold Ellis
17: Brian Guthrie (EL/VI)
17: Big Pete (RU)
17: Armando D.
17: Richard Kovacs (IB)
17: Stan "Eminent"
17: Ben Acosta
17: John Martin
17: Shaun Morris
25: Danny Diaz
25: Sean Belveal (BL)

SUPER Street Fighter 2 Turbo: HD Remix

1: Isaac
2: Bryant
3: Jason Santiago
4: Sean Belveal (DJ, GU)
5: Big Pete
5: Brian Black (DJ)
7: John Martin
7: Alex Jebailey
9: Will Ruiz


Good shit Prince…I got something setup for you this November.


wheres allen? :frowning:


Appreciate that Fam and yeah holla at me


My boy BRONXPUERTOROCK holding it down in his area. Good shit, but yo stay free online.


GGs everyone, wish I could have stayed longer to see the finals, Good shit Bronx


He never goes to PnT, don’t expect much from him lol


Lmao you wish that was true liquid I see you in NY though. I’ll be up there soon enough


yeah i finally spoke to him and he said he doesnt go to locals :frowning:


I think it’s because he’s plays CoD or something, but it’d be nice to see him out once in awhile.