"TAMPA IS DEAD TO ME" SF4 Tourney Oct 17th Tampa,FL


“Tampa is dead to me” SF4 Tournament is here! For those of you who have said or felt that Tampa is dead, we are here to prove you wrong.

$10 tournament fee
$3 venue fee mandatory for all tournament and casual fighters
spectating is free

Console: xbox360
2/3 rounds, 2/3 games (Grand Finals are 3/5 games)
BYOC (Bring your own controller/converter/joystick)
No banned characters
Winner must keep their character, loser can change character
No macro/programmable/turbo controllers are allowed
100% cash payouts 70/20/10

Play N Trade
2030 Badlands Drive
Brandon, FL 33511


Saturday, October 17th
Doors open at 10am for casuals
Tournament starts at 1pm

October, 17th

Send an email to the following: bronxpuertorock@msn.com
Subject: SF4 Tournament
Body: full name, city, nickname and/or gt

Possible 2vs2 SF4 Tourney depending on list of interest and ending time of main.

We want this tournament to run smoothly and quickly. Respect for one another and the Play N Trade establishment is expected and failure to do so may be cause for disqualification. DON’T FORGET, TAMPA, SHOW THEM WE’RE STILL ALIVE!


Looks good, it’s a shame I can’t get two saturdays in a row off (already going to the 10/10 tournament @ Hollywood video).


I ain’t dead yet.


Ill be coming to this :3

Where can i get info on that tournament? Might be able to make that one as well…maybe.


Alex is dragging his feet on making a thread. It’s scheduled for the 10th. I’ll try to get details for you next week.


No ps3 no thanks. Are they ever going to plan to change that?


So it’s a Tampa tourney held in Brandon?


It was ps3 for a long time, but recently it was changed to 360 for more of a turnout.


it started as 360. then we went to ps3 for more of a turnout, then we reverted back to 360 for more of a turnout. allot of us have dual modded controllers or have controllers for both and dont care which one its on. so it could go back to ps3 soon if we see more people would come with one or the other. You should come anyways Breakz…one of us would let you use our controllers/stick if needed.

yeah we got allot of brandon players BigPeteRoasa, so us Tampa guys make the trek because its the biggest scene we have in Tampa. if you’re looking for the best offline and lagless you can find in Tampa, you should come. There have been get togethers thrown as well where most of us show up for some offline casuals. We got a legitamate scene here so us Tampa guys go where the scene is.

put me down for MUCH interest in that 2v2 side tourney btw


Not to get off track of the thread but we have get togethers pretty much every week just look at the Tampa thread.


Due to unfortunate events leading to the cancellation of the Hollywood Video tournament, i’m going to be able to make it out to this one afterall.

That’s $10 more to the winner. :rofl:


i live 1 minute away from the “Brandon Play N Trade” my address reads Tampa Fl 33619, so close enough and bring those tampa players to casual tuesdays held at play n trade to understand which part of tampa you are missing. Recently we held down a National Play N Trade Tournament for the Tampa/Brandon area which the Grand Finals ended up between Me and Peter G. That Tournament had Ricky ortiz filipino champ etc So come by before you judge.


Think i might have to fly from ny to fl for this one


Not judging anything and I wish you the best of luck I just have a little issue with the title it would be diffrent if you went to the tampa thread said hey guys such and such is going down check it out more than once because lord knows we go through 6 pages a day in there but I haven’t seen it so to say something like tampa is dead is kind of insulting to all the Tampa players that have been getting together for the last 10 years but who cares like I said best of luck to you.


The quote actually comes from orlando player’s bro. I’ve been to the past couple tourny’s thats all. i should of put that in the last reply. It’s just a start up name sir and the next one it should be change. Like i said its what i heard in orlado. I dont do threads and all of that just started. I’m a slightly busy Father but im just here bringing a tournament to our area so we can get together and represent. Everyone i have spoke to have been clueless on our scene. Maybe it’s people like me that just look at tournament & events for competition nearby. Thanks You and hope you show up BigPete actually you should hit me up on XBL BRONXPUERTOROCK. I would like to attend the get togethers.


Yeah man hit me up we would love to have you.


do you hold casual tuesdays every week?


Yes sir at Play N Trade Brandon for the moment is where I’m hosting the gatherings for SF4 casuals.


Ill try to start showing up then, however i dont get my 360 stick until the 7th.


You can use my 360 stick TE. I’m making the transition to it now. i was a hardcore controller SF4 player and making the switch. its been like a week but its so hard losing and dropping combos and missing completely lol. hope to see you tuesday um send me a private message bro ill give you my number to give you all the info