"TAMPA IS TOP TIER!" SF4/Tekken 6 Tournament Saturday, Nov 21st Tampa, FL

“TAMPA IS TOP TIER” SF4/Tekken 6 Tournament is here!

$10 tournament fee
$4(1x) venue fee mandatory for all tournament and casual fighters
spectating is free

Console: xbox 360 (SF4)/Playstation 3 (TEKKEN 6)

SF4 Rules:
-2/3 rounds, 2/3 games (Finals/Grand Finals are 3/5 games)
-BYOC (Bring your own controller/converter/joystick)
-No banned characters
-Winner must keep their character, loser can change character
-No macro/programmable/turbo controllers are allowed
-100% cash payouts 70/20/10

TEKKEN 6 Rules:
-BYOC. Bring everything you need to play. If you use a wireless controller bring a USB cable to sync the controller to the system. The venue will NOT provide any controllers, cables, batteries, etc…
-3/5 rounds, 2/3 games, 3/5 Finals. Winner must keep their character while loser can choose a new character
-60sec timer
-If players cannot agree on a stage random arena will be selected
-No handicaps
-Any stoppage of play(de-sync, pause) will result in forfeit of the round. If a malfunction(button stops working, game glitches) occurs, stop play an contact an official. The official will make a ruling. All rulings are final
-Banned Characters: TBD
-Special Rules: No custom colors/characters/costumes
-100% of entry fees will go towards the pot in the 60/30/10 breakdown

Play N Trade
2030 Badlands Drive
Brandon, FL 33511


Saturday, November 21st
Doors open at 10am for SF4 casuals
SF4 tournament starts at 1:30pm
TK6 casuals will start at the conclusion of SF4 tournament
TK6 tournament starts at 5pm
Saturday, November 21st
SF4: 10am-1pm
TK6: 10am-4:30pm

Send an email to the following: bronxpuertorock@msn.com
Subject: SF4 Tournament
Body: full name, city, nickname and/or gt

If you wish to pre-register or have any questions about the Tekken 6 tournament please pm Pilgrim_Pud @ http://forums.shoryuken.com/member.php?u=64180

All final/grand final matches will be captured on HDPVR for YouTube viewing

Orlando/Tampa special money match: Jebailey vs. Mugen ($50)

Possible 2vs2 SF4 Tourney depending on list of interest and ending time of main.

We want this tournament to run smoothly and quickly. Respect for one another and the Play N Trade establishment is expected and failure to do so may be cause for disqualification.So hype men keep it respectful and cool. DON’T FORGET, TAMPA, SHOW THEM WE’RE TOP TIER!

um yay

Yo I DONT GIVAA fuck! sign me up and lets get HYPED NYUKA!

Count me in Sir.

ummm tampa is top tier, we always have been, who said we werent lol?

but making a statement that we are top kinda makes it sound like we arent…

Maybe if you came to a tournament once in a while; Orlando has missed you.

We have a crazy size event we are contracted for That weekend and one of my guys is also in SC for Final Brawl but I will see If I can send you guys some stuff to help out.

Hype it up Tampa!

oh…my…well let the good times roll :slight_smile:

Looks and sounds great Bronx. Y’all know I’ll be there.

Oh you. nuggie

Very Well Done Tournament Post Bronx.

Looking forward to coming out to Tampa to play with you guys.

Can also count me in for Tekken 6 :).

I have a 23 inch Lag free LCD if you need me to bring it, no hassle at all to bring around.

And I agree with Allen, You guys aren’t even on any tiers since you rarely come out to play at tournaments ;).

No need. There are plenty of TVs, all lag free and HD.

Do we really need to explain “Tampa is top tier”? lol

That’s great, Finally a Tournament that I don’t have to worry about running so I can focus on just playing for once.


BTW, our money match is still I’m assuming Rog vs Rog Mirror right? Otherwise I know who I’d pick against Mugen [media=youtube]WuAjuxFW9yc[/media] lol. Don’t worry Mugen, I hate the gief match up as well. Jump Back RH on gief’s wake up all day long baby. Try it.

I’m in for Tekken 6

BTW I’m gonna repost this on Tekkenzaibatsu.com so the Tekken community knows about this as well.

TY Bro. Yeah dont worry about the T.V but thanks bro. You guys will all see why the title is Tampa Is Top Tier and if you do not figure it out, I’ll tell you tournament day


Sounds like fun

Yo count me in Bro!!!

I’ll be going, finally get some offline action. It’s on my brother’s birthday, I’ll see if he wants to go. I don’t own Tekken or have even played it, but I might sign up for it.

I like your style. :tup:

Confirmed I will be off from work on Saturday so I’ll 100% be there. I totally forgot about my buddie’s WEDDING On Sunday lol, but it starts later in the day after I’m done working early.

So see you all there.

Mugen, Start Practicing.