Tampa Lanes 8/23/03 results

Thanks for everyone that participated and helped keep the scene a live down there coughBPRcough.

  1. TIE
    Allen “Asian Demon” Hou - Mag/Storm, Sent/Tron, Team Demon
    Ben “BshidoHEAT” Acosta - MSP, Sent/Cable/Cyc

  2. Eddie “GoodEnough” Hou - Mag/Cable/Sent-Y

  3. Danny - Mag/Storm/IM

  4. Peter “Banned From TL” Gonzalez- Mag/Cable/Psy

  5. TIE

Fez - MSP
Matt - Jill/Psy/Jin
Eric- Mag/Im/Psy, or MSP

Allen and I ended up tieing due to time, we were on our last game (which I was dominating) and they turned the machines off. Since I came from the losers bracket (Thanks Eddie :bluu: ) I beat him 2-1 first set I still believe I won the tournament. (Allen got worked)

Anyway, big ol’ FU to Pete because his swamp ass didn’t wanna play, and he wants to go home and feel up his masstick. :lol: STICK TO TEKKEN SUCKA!!! :lol:

BTW, Matt and Fez both had to go back home because they didn’t have time to stick around.

Until next time guys, DON’T LET THE SCENE DIE!

Don’t be putting that shit on me…Thoes sticks are straight wack I guess you guys are used to them but I aint playing on that broke shit buttons working whenever they want, Besides it was way to much fun working over Chris…and Allen I told you Jun sucks.

Aleeen got worked
Got worked
Got worked
Got worked

Chris got his too :lol:

BTW pete get that scan of Tips and Tricks :lol: :evil:

Awww too bad you didnt beat me…

I was doing so bad that day… man you had your chance to beat me…:stuck_out_tongue: … I was getting whopped by everyone… damn everyone…:frowning: … well… your lucky… our last game I was playing team Demon… and then they shut them off… I would have owned you;)

I needa a sugar drink before I get to tl…

Pete::eek: (Chris got beat by a girl)
Peter::mad: Shutup I own you
everyone else: :slight_smile: Allens da masta

Jun does NOT suck, shes weak, but she dont suck. If I was there I would have gone LoCo on you guys with her.


GooD JOb asiandemon & BshidoHeat :).

Say what you want Aleeen but you got worked. That time, and THE TIME BEFORE SUCKA! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Brian! :smiley:

No she sucks…Theres no getting around it shes one of the worst in the game.

Sup Sup Brian

Anyways Ben… you still didnt win:p

no she does not suxz pete:(

Hellz no she is good, plus I dont think theres any bad characters in TTT, I play random and I can beat really good players with a team of Jun/Rojer just as good as a team of Bruce/Bryan.

So now its

Jun Sux:

Jun Doesnt Suck:


I think Allen doesn’t like the way he doesn’t dominate TL anymore :lol:!!!

hello both of u :).

Good shit Ben. You’re coming up real quick. I know once you and Pete get those 360’s your gonna hate the sticks at TL.

Shit I hate the sticks there now…I played two games and thought I was gonna rip the sticks out of the socket, BTW I sent you out payment today you should get it by Wensday.

I’m used to the TL machine, but yea P360’s are gonna be the sweetest thing next to scoring with Kelly Hu ;).

the sticks at TL are pretty good… but the buttons seem to react a little slow for me… mas buttons work better for me…

The right side first assist button wasn’t working all that well, everything else seemed decent.

Allen I know what you mean the buttons there seam just diffrent I don’t really know how to put it in words…Oh well I’m going to CTF bitches:lol:

hey Ben… you mean the assist button doesnt work for you…:stuck_out_tongue: seems fine with everyone else… I guess it doesnt like you… haha:lol:

Anyways… screw you Pete… CTF suxz… and yeah… TL button seem pretty weird now that we bring things up…:confused: … i cant freaking move as fast as I would in Umall… but now umall seems weird…

I thought it was just cus I was used to my comp buttons on my Mas but I guess it wasn’t just me, and don’t worrie I’ll be sure to beat down that scrub Jason for you.