Tampa Lanes Results! It's a tie!


First off… instead of my much anticipated Tekken 4 tourney… the people wanted to play in a MVC2 tourney!

A lot of good games… a lot of fun… and a lot of fake bitchin by yours truely :stuck_out_tongue:

Here are the results.


1- Mike Mixon (mixup)- Magneto/Storm/Cyc
1- Allen Hou (Asian Demon) - MSP, Mag/Cable/CapCom

3- Ben Acosta (BshidoHEAT) - Doom/Storm/Cyc
4- Eddie Hou (GoodEnough) - Cable/Sentinel/CapCom
5- Chris BigBadBootyDaddy- Sprial/Cable/Blackheart
6- Pete Roasa (The Forbidden One) - Storm/Sentinel/Cyc
6- Frankie (Frankie)- Cable/Jugs/Guile
7- Alton - Magneto/Sentinel/Psy
8- Isaac (The Only One) - Strider/Sentinel/doom
8- Omar - MSP

NOTES: I got extremely lucky against all Frankie… Chris… and just basically everyone who played Cable (except for Asian Demon… he played MSP more than MCC) I was literllaly wiping sweat off my forehead after Frankies Cable shot down my Doom in like 10 seconds…

The tie happened when Tampa Lanes decided to shut off the machines while the finals were going on…

The score when the machines went out was 1-0 Mike…

Also… after Omar lost to Allen… he decided to leave and not play anymore… :bluu:

Anyway… hopefully this will start out to be something good… we need to get this shit in APEX too… and run these kinda things weekly or bi-weekly…

Good Gaming everyone. :wink:


Also note that i was in the winners bracket after putting allen out 2-0.

Stupid fucks turned off the machine:bluu:

i played ironman/cable/sent too.


Oh true true… sorry about that. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thats must really suck.:rolleyes:

But anyways the final round was 0-0 We didn’t get one match in.(You had Storm and Cyc and I still had Storm and PSY <----You know shes to good.)
But it seems that this turned out fine at the end anyways.

Another note: Your lucky Mike I really didn’t keep your sodaS for good. <–Yea at the end their was like 10 cans/cups:eek:


Well it seemed that MvC2 was a better choice anyways.

Too bad Stevey wasn’t there.

Yea Omar kinda thought that he might win the Tournament…:rolleyes: Yea as you can see I don’t believe that. But yea he left the mech after I beat him.:evil:

It seems that rushing you is an easier game than to start doing AHVB agaisnt you. Also snapbacking is a more effective way to beat you than an AHVB :wink:

And lets see…
-The closest match was between Ben and Eddie…(Ben won){One on one character with an one mistake win.}
-The most upsetting match was Chris and Alton…(Alton won){One person gave the other a BEAT Down.}
-The most unwanted match was Allen and Mike…(Mike won){Well just figrue it out and you’ll know why.}
-The cheapest match was between Allen and Ben…(Allen won){One person keep snapbacking the main character and assist.}


I didn’t play Mike in the first round he got a bye cus he was the top seed so I played Issac insted…but what did you guys think of the 60% hailstorms


Re: Re: Tampa Lanes Results! It’s a tie!!

Ohhhhh yea I forgot that Mike had the ‘bye’.:sweat:

But anyhow yea that Storm is deadly…MAD DEADLY…just makes me just wanna scream…:mad:


both are equally good against me… Chris had a bunch of times when he could have killed my Cyc but didn’t…

snapbacks own me… :frowning:

Against Eddie I got extremely lucky… no doubt.


Damn yo I sucked ass this time I all but Gave the match with Eddie away…oh well thats ook I’ll do better when we go to the G…


no allen, i still had 30% magneto and you and your psy were about to get hailed leaving you with about a 30% storm and a half life psy…oh, i had both full life nearly with my other characters…c’mon man, get it straight.:stuck_out_tongue:


You guys should have finished the finals at somone’s house lol.



We tried yo do you belive not a single one of us had a Mas stick with us…


Remember upsets happen…expesically against me…:wink:

And you lucky I really didn’t keep those sodas from you.

I suprised that your not hyper-active after all those sodas.(Next time I see you, you’ll probalry be twichig and stuff.:lol: )


Keeeeeeeep wishin allen.


Okay MIXUP, but if I were wishing than I probalry wish to beat Standford or JWong or Duc instead.

I wonder why Duc doesn’t come down to Orlando any more to play in tournament.



whatever ASIAH DEMON:lol:

You’re getting better, just not good enough yet.

Btw, i am looking forward to playing you in the singles of the g-ville tourney just so we can settle this magical upset you seemed to have planned:evil:


Hey! its ASIAH DEMOH okay.:mad:

But lately I’ve been getting bad…those controller for the pasted weeks held me back.


Mike and Allen are to0 fucking go0d:D

Damn i need to come down there to see if i can stand up to allen…i know mike will beat tha shit outta me:mad: :mad: :mad:


APEX points

To make some things clear… since Mike and Allen have got a tie… they both get the same APEX points…

A big fat… ZERO!!!


APEX points

:lol: :lol: :lol: