Tampa Lanes results! We gotta get this 'ish in APEX!

A really nice turnout :wink: AsianDemon seems to get better everyweek… he actually won a couple of times agaist Mixon! :lol:

Anyway… here some results.

  1. Mike Mixson (Mixup) - Magneto/Storm/Cyc, Storm/Sent/CapCom

  2. Allen Hou (AsianDemon) - MSP, Magneto/Cable/Capcom

  3. John (Blind-Side) - Cable/Sent/Doom

  4. Chris Vasques BigBadBootyDaddy - Cammy/Cable/CapCom

  5. Eddie Hou (GoodEnough) - Team Scrub
    Frankie (Frankie) - Cable/Juggs/Guile

  6. MikeF (MikeF) - BH/Cable/Cyc
    Ben Acosta (BshidoHEAT) - Doom/Storm/Cyc, OR/Strider/Doom, Team Scrub, MSP

  7. Little Bryan - MSP
    Stevie (Xx-Magneto-xX) - Mags/Cable/Sent

  8. Luke- IM/Cable/Cyc, or Strider
    Shin- Magneto/Im/Psy

Too bad my boy BPR missed out on this.

Frankies Cable/Juggs/Guile = TOO FUCKING GOOD!!! Making Bryan’s Magneto cry like a little girl TWICE!

Also… making MikeF’s team his lil’ bizznitch.

Asian Demon is getting better every week… he actually put up a real good series in the grand finals.

John’s appearance made TL a more fun than usual… and he did very well.

I wish you the best of luck going home. Be safe…

who’s mikef? Mixon’s roomate?

Yup indeed

I am fucking drunk!!!

Great Tournemant though. You guys got lucky that I don’t have an DC or I’ll be better than all of you.:lol:
Nawwww I just did better because I had got some pratice in Thursday and Wednesday because their was no school.

Man Pete to bad you weren’t there it was Fun.:smiley:

I need to talk to Bryan about comming back, man he lost to Frankie just by a hair.

Mike F. BH is too good. I thought that he would come back in the losers bracket to face me again but… well Frankie was just to good.

Well these tournaments seem the same all the time because my brother was complaining why does he always have to face me.:stuck_out_tongue:

Chris seems to do great in tournaments but Stevie seems just the oppisite.

I don’t recall in this tournament that Mike was drinking much soda.

Jon, the underdog which showed that FL isn’t all about the big towns gamers. He eliminated mostly everyone off the mechs:eek:
He also nearly got an perfect on me the first tournament match we had.:sweat:

WEEE 3rd!!

i almost got a perfect on allen first round!! and then 2,3,and 4 round I got raped!!! And thx for the help mike it really help’d agenest allen:rolleyes:

I’m sure that we played more than that because everyone was complainning about it. But hey if you mess up and character pick then hey you gotta have another chance.:lol:

And yep, Mike’s advice to go against me really worked?!:rolleyes:

ya telling me to use s/s/c (when i cant use them) and telling me to do a ahvb offf the bat :rolleyes:

ya we plyaed like 8+ games:D my damn stick keep putting sent on launcher;)

He told you to do an AHVB out of no where? Well it might have worked just like if I were to tell you to do hypergrabs out of no where too against Mike.:wink:

I should have told you that the stick wigal alot, it made you pick the wrong assist most of the time…:confused: :lol:

ya it was the damn sticks!!:stuck_out_tongue:

when cable was coming n he told me to do it to go through your hp and then ud eat ahvb! but the damn hp hit me first :bluu: and then u ahvb me to death. but maybe i sould of done what he said. he did after all get 1st!

and if this was in apex yll wouldnt get that much points!! but if you got normal points mike would have more that j-wong:confused:

Yep the sticks suxs I want an rematch against Mike.:confused:

And another thing, Man everyone is now finding ways to stop my Cable.:fury:

man my cable got raped too. only agenest u, mike, bshi(sitll dont know his name)

but what eva happ to the cable v cable matchs?? im good at thos with dooom behind me.

man i know u seen them mad doom skills :wink: inf.s and 100% combos(no dch) and cross ups! not to menction my mad tri jumps! hehe

Well Bshi name is Ben.

And odds are that you’ll never see my cable last with no helper.

And your Doom was like :eek: I Can’t play him he’s to good.

ok Ben!

i know that y i didnt start my doom because i wanted to atleast let yall have some fun and stuff!!:rolleyes:

Good thing you don’t play Striter/Doom or you would have been #1.:rolleyes:

You could have took me and Mike down like *Snap

ya but its really no fun when u just dominate SHITY players like you and mike!

Man me and Mike sux. I can believe that you were just playing with us and let us win since we live in Tampa.

Your just lucky I didn’t give you an punch yet… :evil: +:lol:

damn i keep 4 geting about that!

and i played s/d n the pregames . won once and then got raped by sent

Yep, I’m forgetting about the punch. but watch out for my sister because she was asking me do you soe because she saw your lighter and now she’s after you.(*gulp:sweat: )She hits really hard.

lol come on its me were talking about!! i neva smoked n my live :rolleyes:

and i dont need my ighter back!! i found another one! :stuck_out_tongue: