Tampa lanes tourney for 12/13


1st mike mixon
2nd allen asian demon
3rd adam "I’m a fag and justin owns’ me sugarman’ Burghart
4th justin “blaziniflo and will someone please take adam’s mom off my couch” zhou

rest of results pete will post. he has the brackets

Mixup Invitational (mike’s house tourney)
1st mixup
2nd blaziniflo
3rd Erik DBS “Justin’s owns me for free and is my master” Johnson
4th-8th I don’t fucking care

I took Dennis’s money twice. 1st 4of 7 for $5 and double or nothing for a tourney game and I let him keep his fucking money. Scrub ass bitch. :lol: Next time he tries me, i’ma take his fucking bitch ass hard earned blowjob money . I figured he needed the cash for mouth wash from his job.

This is justin postin from mixup’s sn.


I’d figured that you wrote this Justin.
Anyways I bet that your happy that you got higher than Erik once again.

Great tournament everyone.:smiley:


Mike I still have the brackets if you want them let me know you guys ran out before I got a chance to re-write them, oh and besides to work out our little situation I won’t be comming to TL for a little while some other stuff has came up and it demands all my attention…


OK, who from Orlando went? I needed a ride! :frowning:

Anyway… good job Mike… and ALLEN got 2nd Place again??? I was sure that Adam could have took him out… but hell yea Allen, good job!


Well I think that the only people from Orlando were Adam and Trent.

And Yup! I’d got 2nd and almost came in first?!:confused: (Almost but didn’t:sweat:_:depress: )
Oh well, every tournament I’m comming closer and closer to getting 1st…
:evil: +:lol: = Muhahahahaha:D

And just to let everyone know that there were no vids.:bluu:


Aiight guys. I’m gonna have to come to TL and practice marvel. I’m sick of getting fucking last place every time in these tourneys. I mean shit I feel like a fucking mall scrub around you guys. It’s like no matter who I face I always lose. I’m gonna have some crash course marvel training cause this shit is starting to get to me. :mad: I don’t have money to buy a MAS stick and I don’t have a dreamcast( yet ). Sorry that I’m bitching I just needed to vent. Like I said this shit is starting to get to m.


Next time we play allen i will be more on my game to give you a better match.


Finals were too good. Mixup beat allen 4-3. Last game, the spirit and aftertaste of mike’s mag beat allen’s 1/3 mag, 1/2 sent/ full cyclops. Mike didn’t get hit once. He had the amount of energy that if he got hit by a jab he would’ve died. Fucker came back like a champ. Mixup Invitational finals, mike beat me 4-2, first msp, then msc, then Team Josh Wong aka Team Robot aka bh/sent/t.bonne. I think it was 4-2. Might’ve been 4-1.
LOser’s finals, I beat erik 4-3 after he agreed to take to 4of7. Mike forfeited andn said whoever won that game would win the tourney, but then renegged because he has a reputation to uphold now and can’t get 3rd in a tourney at his own house. Adam got raped 2-0 and then 2-0 again by erik, and mo. Fucker can’t hang with g-ville storm. That’s 4-2 me vs. erik in placing higher in tourneys. TOO GOOD!!


Oh well if I would have won that I’d probably would have lost the second 4of7 rounds bad… but maybe…?! Naw I doubt that.:bluu:

Good, I was waiting for you to show me something at the tournament what you learned in Philly. But you didn’t show me nothing… I guess you keeping the sercets to yourself. :mad: +:( :lol:

Well mall scrubs aren’t that bad…:rolleyes:
But hey, you don’t need a mass stick or a DC to be good at the game.:wink:


allen, if you didn’t do 3 tempest to try to chip mike to death, you probably would have won:lol:


Well as you saw I was really neverous and couldn’t think straight.
I should have tried a Hyper-Magnetic Shockwave instead…:bluu:
But oh well… it wasn’t for money so I guess there wasn’t much of a loss…


nah, mike told me he was way read to super jump over that shit. you did real good tho.:lol:


adam got 3rd? What was that, the 5-n-under brackets. And what happened at Mike’s house. Adam got DEAD LAST??? Damn, that sucks:o


Yup sorry to disappoint you fan of the Sugarman.

No but I was ready for him to super jump then dash, once that happens I’ll just do hyper-grab Magnetic shockwave while he’s falling.
But I counldn’t think straight.

Also Pete, put up the rest of the results. I wanna see how everyone else did.


Justin, I won’t even discuss why you placed higher than me at TL, but I let you have the win at Mike’s crib. I didn’t feel like out running you, and I didn’t bother playing the counter team for you. Those were some good matches though: I launch you with Mag- you die, or you launch me with storm- I die.

As far as the Tourny ranks are concerned, as long as someone from G-ville places in the top 3 I’m happy.

I was honestly expecting to get 2nd at the TL tournament, but I just didn’t play as smart as I should’ve against Allen. Having to play my first match against Mike also sucked. Nothing worse than going to the loser’s first round.


Florida is my hoe. I pimp florida.


hells yea. Those games at mike’s were way too good. Much more intense than practice at the store. Oh well, all I cared about was you and mo raping adam 2-0 each. Too good. And TL sux. The sticks suck, the trailer park trash suck, and the bathroom’s smell like a dentist’s office. And yea that stick was fucked up. So what if mixup did 5 ahvb and 69 hits off storm’s infinite. Shit, he’s #1 in the atl south. I wouldn’t expect anything less from him:D

Oh and halfbreed, I know you haven’t reached puberty yet, just like potter. But you don’t know any of us, and from what I hear from many sources, you’re not good enough to go start talking mad shit. In other words: SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! And no, you can’t go 1-2 with Josh Wong.


Left machine was perfect so wtf:confused:

:lol: Damn cheat…

Get one more round against adam:lol:

And adam wasn’t even playing seriously so don’t expect that shit to be easy next time.


fuck you mike:bluu: why you gotta knock me?:(Ihope ozzie kicks your ass:lol: :lol: :lol: and I know adam’s good. His sent rocks. Where’d you think I got my shit?:stuck_out_tongue:


I know the left mechine was perfect… justin wyou need to stop playing on Mass and turn to the arcades.:wink:

I hope to see Ozzie at the tournament Sat.
And see how good his Sent is.:eek: