Tampa lanes you know we keeps it ghetto weekly results 11/22

This tourney ran really smoothly thanks to big pete himself.

This ghetto fab tourney marked the return of Dauthawhitemeat and put a nice check to everyone that he still owns 99% of tampa when he’s not intoxicated…

1st mike.m mag/storm/cyc mag/cable/sent sent/mag/ironman

2nd Dauthawhitemeat sent/cable/capcom mag/cable/sent

3rd AsianDemon msp mag/cable/capcom< wtf is this damn team
/ The ho brothers ;p /
4th Eddie Sent/cable/capcom

5th Bshidoheat Doom/storm/cyc{sadly obsessed with this team : * (}

6th ADDChris Cammy/cable/capcom

7th Eric mag/ironman/psy

8th Stevie aka homo-assed bitch that got dq’ed xXmagnetoXx
MSP mag/sent/cyc

Dope tourney, this shit will go down again when all these other damn tourneys are over with:eek:

~mike.m on pete’s account

Matt Brown’s back?!?!? :eek:

Is this for good or was this a one time deal?

I hope he’s back for good cause he just one hell of a cool guy and I really missed seeing him play.

Yep he’s back. And seems that he got better.

I had to go. I played like shit anyways.

The only way you’ll get better… is to go to these tournies. Stevie man… you have the 2nd best mags in Tampa… and maybe in Florida… you just gotta think more and play under pressure better too bad we didn’t play… I would have loved to play my runaway Ken against ya :wink:

BTW- Pete said he’d take you home… so you should have played anyway… who knows… you might have beat Matt or Allen

Yea you metioned me and Matt yet no Mike…:bluu:

That doesn’t sound right.:mad: :lol:

:smiley: :lol:

Too good ben:p

people give mike too much credit. He’s not really that good.:lol:


Haha bitch

He sucks ass like the rest of us you and your busted ass fast fly combos:mad: :mad: :mad:

My point is.

Stevie can beat anyone… if he can put his mind too it…

and because people think he can’t beat Mike… he can… but Stevie doesn’t think when he plays.

Yea thats what I was trying to say… Stevey could have took down Me, Matt or Mike.

But we all played Cable sooo…:wink:

Anyways he had to leave before I got to see you and him go at it.
Too bad though that would have been good.

Whens the next tournament? Ben you better show up this week.

I assume its gonna be on Saturday, but maybe Friday.

And it sounds like you want revenge

shit… I can beat Chris. (BTW I will be in town thursday so if you wanna pratice)

Runaway Ken owns you.

How long you gonna be in town? Yeah I wanna practice.

I’m in town right now… lemme know what you wanna do