TAMPA PLAYERS. whos game

any1 wanna get raped in virtua fighter 5, guitly gear x, or OutRun? im down here for another day.

i also play a little capcom. tampa should be no match even in those games.

also, are their any “arcades” in this area with japanese candy cabs that would happen to be privately owned?


Well I don’t really know where to begin with this.

No one does.

yo stan… i belive this is you department… well as for my self ill play you in some capcom games if you like but i dont think the games you want to play we dont play them and what the hell is outrun???

I never played 2 of those games and I’m willing to bet I’d own ya in all of them.


Where the HELL is BOBSMACK!

At a concert in Cincinnati :lol: Almost snuck one in on me!

Mr. OutRun, there’s a Tampa thread already. Read the rules before you post, please.