Tampa Thread: Cafe Alma 2/20/11 PAY YO DOOR FEE BUMS!


Tampa Thread: Cafe Alma 2/11/11 PAY YO DOOR FEE BUMS!

New thread.


2/11!!! the 11??? wtf is wrong with u…its the 20th…dawg…


New thread.


damn Bryant, Winning ST and make thread titles!! Good shit my son!


just curious who didnt pay the dorfies?


from last thread:

So far Dante/Trish/Doom, Wolv/Storm/IM, and someone’s gotta rock Akuma/Shuma/Dooma!


Not sure about what my team in Marvel’s going to be, too many new characters to try out




random top tier character/random top tier character/random top tier character? :woot:


I’m looking at Haggar/Zero/X-23

Though after seeing Taskmaster in action, I’m going to have to try him out. Something about his “shoulder throw” ending with him straight popping people in their dome piece appeals to me, haha.




Pretty sure I’m going Spider-man/Felicia/Wolverine, prepare for my button mashing. Honestly, I’ll play whoever isn’t being played for the sake of diversity, but Spidey is definitely my main nigg.

Can this game come out already, fuuuuuuu…


I was watching some videos and there are already some unblockable setups. I will be maining those with unblockable setups. Abuse it till its exposed lol.


Unblockable doesn’t mean unstoppable


same thing happend with marvel 2 early on people thought all kinds of things were unstoppable e.I mag-fucking-netos hyper grav xx tempest but now we know better the game needs to come out before people start saying someone is broken.


I like this plan.


There’s already tons of unblockables using high/low assists, with advancing guard I don’t see it being much of a problem mid-screen, but I’ll bet it’s gonna play a huge role in the corner.



Step 1- Find and assist that hits low or high.
Step 2- Call assits.
Step 3- Have point character do the opposing attack.



i has been exposed!!! Already free before game comes out t_t"


all I ask of everyone is if you’re serious about MVC3 don’t just leave after a month because someone bodied you hard! (unless the game turns out to be ass)