Tampa tournament results!


Just so I can piss off Allen :lol: I had a tournament at my house late in the morning, results!

  1. Ben “BshidoHEAT” Acosta - Team HEAT, MSP, Team Cody
  2. Allen “AsianDemon” Hou - Team Demon, Scrub, MST
  3. Stevie “Xx-Magneto-xX” - Mag/Cable/Psy, MSP
  4. Eddie “GoodEnough” Hou - MSP
  5. Luke “Brooklyn” - IM/Storm/Cable and other teams.
  6. Eric - Magneto teams.
  7. Isaac “The Only One” - Gotta eat

A little tournament, but pretty fun we had a little drama in the winners finals Stevie claiming that Allen didn’t even try so Stevie stoped playng. Stevie stopped playing in the losers final too when I played Storm/Sent/Cable.

In the grand finals, it was all counter teams. Allen played a Magneto team, I played MSP :lol:, I played MSP he played scrub, he played scrub I played Team HEAT, he played Team Demon, I played MSP again… It was pretty clear Allen wasn’t doing as well as he could as he would if he was in the arcade, but I was missing a bunch of stuff as well…:o BTW, I have the whole tournament on tape, some good stuff on there. (Like my “Soo Perfect” on Eddie :lol: )

Thanks for comming everyone, I dunno if I can have gatherings like that at my house any more though my bro is comming back this week and we’ll need to have another place to play.

Hopefully we can get APEX soon enough to make this tournament count as well.



Good job getting first place Ben. You should’ve came to Orlando on Friday. John and I went to Rocky’s, and then we had two round robin tournaments at Edar’s house. Fun shit


Thanks Erik :smiley: Sorry I couldn’t go, I didn’t get a call… anyway I was trying to get the scene back in Tampa and I hope I did a good job.

BTW, where are those results at?


Did TL get SvC yet???


ST Results!

I forgot to post these. I don’t totally remember the characters but here they are.

  1. Isaac “The Only One” - Vega, Gief
  2. Stevie “Xx-Magneto-xX” - Ken
  3. Ben “BshidoHEAT” Acosta - Ryu
  4. Fez - Ken or Guile?
  5. Luke “Brooklyn” - I forgot…

We played round robin, Isaac gets straight up 4 points, me and stevie tied for points but beats me 2 out of 3 times to earn 2nd place.

Nope sorry


Ben, no one posted the Orlando round Robin results. It was me vs Adam in the finals each time. I managed to pull off with the win.


Wow, good shit Erik :wink: