Have a multitude of uses it seems…

“Vodka tampons are exactly what they sound like. Teens supposedly soak a tampon in alcohol and consume it by either taking as shots or inserting the tampons in their rectums or vaginas”

Oh my.

that doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all

Depends what you do it with. I did Haribo cola gummy with bacardi limon rum. The rum tasted great after, the gummy not so much. Refrigerated of course

I stopped reading after “butt chugging.”

I can’t wait for the South Park episode using this as a plot device.

OH! That’s how you do it!
I just figured it was like a push pop or something.

Does it work with this?

i don’t drink, and even i know vodka isn’t for pussies.

ba dum, psh

this isn’t the first time I’ve thought this, and I’m sure it won’t be the last

Only noobs use vodka with tampons.

Vodka douches are where it’s at.

The fuck. Did I just read

Whatever happened to, you know, drinking it?

look at matriarch out here cracking jokes!

on topic, a dude caught a darwin award doing this shit. he gave himself an enema of brandy and he passed out drunk…but he didn’t take the enema out, so his body kept absorbing the alcohol even though he was passed out and he died of alcohol poisoning…he was taking brandy enemas because his alcoholism (and i assume smoking) fucked his esophagus to the point that he couldn’t drink anymore.

It’s evolution


you fooking cunt


Absolut Massengil.

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You know, the men who do take part in such activities are the ones who constantly stress their heterosexuality and how they will never have anything shoved up their rectums. :coffee:

It’s a totally hetero thing to do anything it takes to make a girl laugh

What if it takes homosexuality to make a girl laugh?

Homosexuality is hetero as fuck

Shoving objects up your ass doesn’t necessarily make you gay. I also don’t see the humor in it.

Must be a cultural thing. :wonder: