Tanden Renki...care to learn?

opportunity only came up once for me and it worked…i forgot which way i had to super though…you’ll have to experiment

sounds sketchy to me. haha

somone should link to that ranbat (?) w/ KO using it. pretty crazy.

MikeZ killed me with st.short xx tanden, st.short xx jab rush punch last Evo. :sad:

Also, you can do karakusa, cr.mp xx tanden, st.fp xx fp hayate on most characters.

Listen to Kryojenix…he almost beat my Remy once…i think.

His tanden skills are great though, he knows just the right time to activate and owns it up.

I Usse Tanden Renki often agains twis, Chun, Gouki and Makoto:

FOR ME [IMHO] these are the best ‘chosens’ to usse this S.A.:

  • The twins are always jumping: Tanden on reversal blocked sj, df+K. Kara -> s. Hp xx Hayate or On a landed Fukiage: xx Tanden -> iTsurugi -> Fukiage// Hayates on corner. :wink:

  • Chun on wakeup losses vs s. Hk xx Tanden (you can stop even c. Mk xx Houyoku w this [good luck XDDDD]). j/sj Hp (or Mk/Hk if Chun jumps) Karakusa.

  • Oroshi xx Tanden -> F+Hp Vs Gouki (no tested on other chars… ^^U) or do Fukiage on blocked Mk/Hk Tatsu xx Tanden, dash under. Hp Fukiage [easy 100% stun combo :wgrin: :wgrin: :wgrin: ]. If activates the Tanden in this moment: Hp Fukiage xx jc Hk Tsurugi.

  • On Makoto… well, you can do anything that you want. :rofl: :rofl: .

Sorry for taking so long about getting to the character specific strategy. i’ll happen…eventually

I find Tanden to be essential to beating other Makotos.

ever since playing some games against kryo, i have played with tanden a bit and it’s fun. it has its uses, but getting knocked down = gg. i find myself playing sa1 against other makotos, or if i know they’re not that good i’ll go with sa2.

as far as tanden goes, i think activating on wakeup is probaly your best bet, i’ve had invincibility through dudley’s sa3 (which i didn’t think would last through all 6 hits) so it’s not as bad as everyone thinks. most players i’ve played run whenever i activate like it’s genei jin or something. i saw some cool tricks and setups that kryo used, so i think i’ll see what i can come up with too.

I completely forgot about this. There are some videos on Youtube of me playing. If you want to get an idea of how I play Tanden, just search “Kryojenix” on Youtube. Keep in mind that they’re all from a slump period in which my execution was worse than Saddam’s. I couldn’t even dash half the time…


Thanks for sharing the info.

Like i said in my last post: the Vs twins Guide is easy. BTW, i’m improve my Tanden Style… Here come more tricks. :wink:

Vs Chun (again. xD): Parryed far Fierce -> Hp xx Tanden -> Dash OR Hayate trickery.
Like i said: Hk on her wake up xx Tanden Dash //Hayate trickery again
Funny: Vs Air Chun Li - Mk Tsurugi -> Tanden -> Hp Hayate * 2 (i wanna try connect a iLk Tsurugi after the Tanden Activation… but i am not fast enought to do the “instant”.

Vs Makoto (Again): Funny !!! Like Kryo said: Tanden on Reversal Hayate, Parry her move, Hp xx Hp Hayate OR, if you’re luky and the other Makoto does a Mp/Hp Hayate: Mp//Hp Fukiage (trade) -> Dash under Lp Hayate -> Mp Hayate. I don’t know if Mak can recover fast enoght to do -> dash under Kara Lp Fukiage… can anyone try this ??. O__o.

New: Vs Urien (yeah, you are reading good. XDD)

Abusse of c Mk. If you can knock him dowm: Kara Lk Lp Hayate -> Hp Hayate vs his Headbutt on wakeup. :wink:

For now, this is all. I’ll must improve more my Tanden’ Style. :wink:

Umm…I understood about half of what you said. Sorry, I’m not good at decyphering bad grammar (no offense).

The combo you stated for an airborne Chun can actually be done against anyone, however the first Hayate has to be lp.Hayate unless it’s in the corner. You’d also have more luck w/ a 2nd lk.Tsurugi against Alex and Hugo.

Trickery is always an option (since Makoto is rather gimmicky) but remember not to get too greedy since Chun can pretty much out-prioritize anything you do.

random note vs remy cold blue kick leaves remy at a frame disadvantage on block and on any version that doesn’t knock down (sh and fwd) it leaves him at a frame disadvantage on hit also…

I’ll try to get my last post understandable (and don’t worry, i know that my english at 03:00 is bad… XDDD) for everyone:

Vs Chun:
Parry her far Hp: Hp xx Tanden -> Hp Hayate + Mix ups or Dash Trickery (to get near to her) + Mix ups.

When Chun is on a wake up move (normal or EX Tatsu for example): Hk -> Tanden -> Dash Trickery.

Same situation as above (and a bit more risky ;)) Hp Fukiage on her wake up (NO Trade) xx Tanden -> dash -> Lp Hayate -> Hp Hayate

On air: Mk Tsurugi -> Tanden -> [iLk Tsurugi]?? -> Lp Hayate -> Hp Hayate. you’re right i was thinking this combo when Chun is cornered. ^^U

Vs Makoto:

Reversal Tanden and parry her next move (or you can try to ‘dodge’ it ;)): Hp xx Hp Hayate.

This is more complex and difficult: Reversal Tanden -> Mp//Hp Fukiage vs Hayate (Trade) -> Dash under -> Lp Hayate -> Mp Hayate.

I don’t know if Mak can recover fast enough to dash under and do the Kara Fukiage.

Vs Urien:

Abusse of c. Mk
Tanden -> Lk Kara Hayate -> Hp Hayate can stop his headbutt on wake up.

Minor (and Stupid) update :

vs everyone that has a (abusing) High//mid far hit (like Chun’s hp or Ken’s Hk)

Parry the hit: Lp Fukiage XX Tanden -> Dash under -> ® Hp Fukiage. (75% [Al] to 100% [Go] Stunbar)


It’s finally done

glad to see someone decided to use SA3. I like using the first two but I had no idea how to effectively use the last one. Even if I’m not going to be using it all the time it’s nice to know that I could if I wanted to.

Yes! Tanden is awesome. I use it cause I play stupidly aggressive with makoto so tanden fits my style.

That and I have a hard time doing cancels into SA1 (lik, hp > hp hayate xx sa1 or cr.mk xx sa1 so on and so forth) for some reason.

And I CAN do the 100% Stun with Makoto via SA2, I just can’t do it consistantly enough for it to matter.

that cuz this SAs not like any other. while all other supers are to be used in an offensive manner, this one’s used either to trick your opponent or save your butt

SA3 isn’t for stupid aggression, it’s for intelligent aggression :rofl:

Stupidly Intelligent Aggression. :rofl: