Tanden Renki



okay I mainly use Oro and Remy but I want to get a top tier in there

with Makoto I know SAII is her most used one and whatnot but can Tanden Renki be used really effectively? Since it has zero start up time is it a good bet you can parry a move xx activate xx command grab xx fierce xx dash punch … or even parry a move xx activate xx overhead punch?

is it still not worth it?

what are some other ways people use Tanden Renki and what are some of its downsides besides not being able to block while activated


when i use T.R. i act. with command grab into super,command grab… to HP, hayate and mind games start IMO.


I do the karakusa setups, and usually try to reset, but peeps know how to get out, so I’m stuck playing safe while in the mode

I try to counter Yun’s Genei Jin because I’m just so SICK of the damage from Genei Jin, I mean 50%, c’mon!!

So all I need to do is land 3 hits and I’ve caught up, of course that’s all alot of work to do compared to landing damage with Yun, it’s just something to break even, since I never land SA II off a karakusa since Yun’s jumping around all day, SA I is just waaay too long, so I never get the meter in time before Yun starts raping me, so I go SA III for the hell of it

Sure it’s back to pure guessing, but if you guess right, you win big in damage

I still haven’t learned to parry good, which you “should” need if you use SA III, but the higher players “know” that you’re going to “try” and parry so they do different setups, which I adhere to and kinda skipped the scrub stage of “oh, she can’t block, I’ll just do moves that are hard to parry!”

It is still really hard to be effective with her, cuz you have keep in mind what’s safe and what’s not and what you can and can’t parry at the right times

I have no idea if this is helpful or not, but I usually just play blindly and hope I guess right :wtf:


The primary use of SA3 is to win a ‘clinch’ with an opponent. If you’re not sure what he/she’s gonna do, activate and see their next attack.

The secondary use of SA3 is to dodge attacks such as command throws.

The tertiary use of SA3 is to safely recover from a blocked/parried attack. For example, upon your opponent getting up, attempting a tick throw with Strong -> Karakusa may be predicted and countered by a simple parry of the Strong punch. However, a Strong cancelled into SA3 will allow Makoto to activate invincibility frames and escape or counter the incoming retaliation.

NOTE: Special attacks have less frames of cancel-delay into a super than Normal attacks. i.e.: If Makoto’s Chop (QCB+P) was parried by Ken, who then attempted to throw Makoto, Makoto’s SA3 would kick in right before Ken attempted the throw, and therefore would whiff. On the other hand, if Makoto used a Strong (which is parried by Ken), Ken can throw Makoto before the SA3 will activate.

By the way: SA1 is best against Yun at high-level play.

SA3 is good versus: Hugo, Ryu, Akuma, Q, Makoto herself, and Alex.

It is suicide versus Ken, Dudley, Yun and Yang.