Tantin's stencil requests

I’ve decided to take an attempt at the latest fad. If you want an avatar like my current one (Done in the ‘Andre The Giant has a posse’ stencil grafitti style) I need a fair sized picture of the character you want, preferably of them facing forward, but that’s not really necisary

Please. PLEASE. Tell me if you want it colored before hand. I don’t mind redoing an AV because it’s not up to someone’s standards, but I don’t want to do it just to change a color. Thanks.






Do your stuff:


oh yeah, put my user name on it too.


That was quick bro.
Thanks man, nice job.

Hook me up with a premie stencil man.

Edit: Can you hook me up with one that has Ichigo from bleach? Please make the BG red.


I tried something new, I’m not really digging it. If you want it changed at all, or want something completely different, I’d be happy to do it.

lei wulong from tekken, plz?


akuma would work of lei is too tough. oh yeah any size (though larger is better). I’ll integrate into a sig or ava or something. do you use illustrator? or just the pen tool in ps, or what?

I used to use pen, but I’m using illustrator now.


Your name is hard to work with.

sick thanks. and yeah man, no kidding. I just use my sn in regular letters when im creating sigs and stuff for the most part.

Oh. Shit. I forgot to make it non-premium size. I’ll remake in a second.



Thanks for the av’s man.

…Another satisfied customer.
thanks yo.

These look sexy as hell man.


Praise from Caesar.


The black in Hunter’s avatar doesn’t look very dark, did you change it?

I thought it looked a bit better with the lighter black. Here’s it with a flat black.


Hey, i’m really digging mine in white…but HD got red…and i’m jealous.

So i’m wondering what mine would look like on a different color…

Oh Shit good looking out man. Gonna update my av.

If you want a different color, it’s not a problem.

I’d sure like one sir. And instead of my name you can just put -_-.

Thanks in advance, image is attached. Black and white is perfectly fine.