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Almost Becoming Two reduces damage and - if I’m not mistaken - gaurd points too. It’s really hard to get a guard crush with Tao. So I would recommend you go for the mixups and crossups to force damage on your opponent.


Newbie question about basic Drive cancel. I read your guide TaoFTW, nice guide!!

I was following the instruction in Taokaka’s guide

I can do this one with not much problem at all (besides the last j.a j.c. 236b; I will practice once I get the game):
Back throw: 236cc, 2d~9, 9c, 9d~9, 9c, 9d~9 (basically I hold 9 right after 2d)

When I do this one: 5d, 3c, 5d~6, j.c, 5d~6, j.c, 5d~6

Since it is ok to hold 6 during the whole drive loop I use this input instead:

5b, 3c, I hold 6 right before the third hit, 6d~6, j.c, 6d~6, j.c, 6d~6

It connect sometimes, but sometimes the first drive cancels into a forward hop before the drive hits anything (I am pretty sure I didn’t hit c cancel by accident, or did I? I am really bad with arcade stick)

I wonder what I did wrong? My guess is my timing between 3c to 6d~6, or must I do 5d~6 after 3c instead of 6d~6?


So is throwing stuff any actual use?

Every tao match I see just RTSD.

Which is the way it should be. :bgrin:


Just throw bowling balls and cross up.


Just as a note on a long post earlier about 5B. I’ve been playing tao since arcade release and had found things that well I posted on dustloop ages ago but either peoples execution sucks too bad or they didnt believe me.

5B can be dash linked MANY times on most characters that are crouching. There might be a possible few that it won’t work more than 3 times but heres a basic situation thats easy.

against rachael: mixup into 6B <overhead> link 5b, dash, link 5b repeat repeat. Doing more than 7 hits is pretty much impractical because of proration and no air combo + knockdown. Needless to say I did link 15 stand Bs on a crouching rachael once but I never got a chance to record it and up load it. The combo I did was something like this
im going to use periods to denote dashes lol

crouching rachael and tager
6B, 5b.5b.5b.5b.5b.5b.5b.5b.5b, 3C, 6D, J.C, 6D, j.a, j.c … mashy claw.

from what I can remember they can tech fairly early. I’ll have to get my copy on tuesday and figure out what can work in training mode.

almost becoming two is only useful if you have close to 100 percent meter or if they are just at extremely low hp and you want to force a barrier burst.

abt combo with 100 percent meter

activate: do some ambiguous mixup and get 6B, 5b, taunt, dash, taunt, HEXA EDGE… does about 60-70 percent life if i remember. Taos taunt adds a damage multiplier, so when you link two of them while in ABT mode the hexa edge is doubled because of abt and that damage is multiplied by the taunts.

Alternatively with 100 percent meter you can also just do the following

get 6C or hit confirm it off CH 5.c or 5.b. after 6c run in 5.C, pounce super, when your opponent is falling, and before they can tech, hit taunt and cancel taunt into another pounce super… ass tons of dmg, yay

a and b projectiles are kind of ok against arakune if he leaves a huge gap in bee pressure. So if you possibly have the life to spare to take that risk and hes trying to turtle, just throw one when hes trying to activate another cloud or creepy bell thing. It works sometimes and if he gets hit you get uncursed.


Good stuff :slight_smile:


Going to play the shit out of Tao tonight…

Tao… ftw… indeed


Mashy claw pisses off so many people, it’s ridiculous (and funny :D).


I’m having trouble getting this to connect.

2a -> 5b -> 3c -> 5d~6 -> j.c-> (j.a -> j.c) x 2 -> j.236bbb

I do just fine until the ( ) part. I have no idea what the parenthesis are telling me to do. It is just saying do that twice?


I think that you have to do j. a, then dj. C > dj. A, and repeat that another time.

Also, I suck at the back throw combo. Could 2D ~ 6 cancel be done as 3D ~ 3 and 8D ~ 6 done as 9D ~ 9?


dj. c? please explain


The parenthesis are telling you to do that two times, just like you assumed.

That combo is trying to utilize all three of her jumps.

J.C is one jump, then you jump and do A>C then jump again and do A>C the her air claw spam.


Double jump.

edit: is the double jump at A or C though? I’m not too sure.


It also depends on the character I believe, I know I couldnt hit this on rachel.


You sure? That 3C sweeps and the 5D pops you into the air and homes pretty much. Most of the combo is off the ground.


What part, the forward drive?

Are you canceling the drive with forward, then doing C


How u do her astral drive


So true lol:tup:


Beat arcade mode with her to unlock it.

Then, in the last round of a match and that means BOTH people have to be tied up for the win. You have to have max tension, and the enemy has to have less than 20% hp.




Holy crap I suck. Out of 25-ish games I’ve only won 6, mainly versus other noob Tao’s

I think my problem is that I’ve been able to get in fine, but once I’m in I’m not sure what to do. I suppose I just need to obsessively practice my bnb for awhile.

Its funny, I’m hitting my opponents far more than they’re hitting me, but I’m a noob so I’m doing it using A which prorates down to shit damage heheh