Tap House Weeklies Fridays (Hamilton & surrounding)

Hamilton Weeklies @ the Tap

Organizer: Drekken

Contact info: Christopher.connell@pownz.com

Facebook event

Who: Organized by Drekken, but welcome for other volunteers to help bring this together.


Super street Fighter Iv, Marvel vs Capcom 3 weekly casuals on Friday, will probably add more games as the time passes and the community grows. I hope to evolve this into a weekly Rank battles but you got to start with the casuals. (if other games such as Tekken, BB or Smash want to be added just let me know and we can squeeze it in).

Games will be played on Xbox 360, with sticks available for those who don’t have.


London Tap house located in Hamilton.

31 John St (John & Main)

Hamilton, Ontario

When: Fridays starting March 25th 2011, every Friday @ 7:00 pm unless noted in this thread.

**Why: **The most important question of them all. To create a suitable gathering for community.


How do I get to this place?

If you local to Hamilton: You may practically take ANY bus in Hamilton to the Macnab station and walk from the station along main st E until you come to “London Tap House” building

if you are from Toronto via GO Bus: take the Union Station/Hamilton Station Go bus , when you arrive exit out of the John ST exit and walk north until you hit London Tap house.

from the 403: take the Main ST E exit and travel until you hit John ST and park.

For all else refer to the Tap house MAP or GOOGLE Maps

Where do I park?

All downtown hamilton Parking meters are free after 6:00 pm, feel free to just park beside one. BUT if you want there is a paid parking lot right beside the venue. What ever you do DO NOT park at the Dominos pizza/Sopporo Parking lot.

What does the venue look like?

Check out the photos

***Can we drink? ***

Yes , you most defiantly can, but if you become “unable to play” or rowdy, you will be removed.

***Is it Free? ***

The first 2 weeks will be free and after that a venue fee will probably be applied, to put towards buying new equipment and any venue costs. how much? not sure yet.

godlike. I support this.

Hype is building!

I’m so psyched for this!

Definitely looking forward to this. It’s been a while since I’ve had a reason to go to Hamilton!

Yo bar is always full of cute chicks. I’m bracing for a total drunken debacle. Someone needs to fly the Darko in for this!

great venue! good service too!

good stuff chris!!

Had a fun time for the few minutes I popped in and out. Good to see some faces I hadn’t seen in a long time.

Fun set with Saco.

Best of luck in future casuals. Not sure when I’ll be back as I dont have a free Friday in April.

Damn I gotta hang out with some Hamilton ppl sometime soon.

Where does everybody gather to play now?

sounds sick i’ll try to make it out this friday if it’s running.

Food is gdlk in this place. LOL soviet.

Good luck with this boyz! Will try to make it out once I get a reliable vehicle.

Wow this sounds pretty good. I’ll have to see if I can make it.

omg Darko is back!? CVS2 time.

I can’t make it this Friday

But I will be there next Friday.

Just a heads up that Tap House will be closed tonight for Good Friday, but the weeklies will resume next Friday.

YEaaah Tap House this Friday.

I should be able to make it tonight, I had to go to Mississauga last week thus my absence(which Im sure was sorely missed).

I’m not sure but i’m guessing that tap house is cancelled this week. I wouldn’t know though since I’m not the organizer. Just saying ya know.

No, Taphouse will not be happening this week due to MAT8