TAP Plastics for a plexi cover?

I am looking to get an acrylic cover for my TE stick mod and was curious if anyone has had any experience with TAP Plastics? I like what Art has to offer (etching, specifically), but I thought TAP plastics might be a quicker and cheaper route.

If provided with a template, can they do precise enough work?

I’ve been wondering the same thing for a custom I’m working on, curious as I have a TAP plastics about 10 minutes away.

Nope it would definately not be cheaper because tap does not sell one offs like that.

  1. You are asking them to program for you even if you send them the dxf file they will still charge you a drawing fee if i am not mistaken
  2. This is a big company and selling one offs like that is no profit to them so they will not do it.
  3. You will have to buy in bulk in order for the price to come close to what art is offering for.

So unless Tap is different from other big companies then you will definately be spending much more than $18 bucks for a cover.

I asked the guy at TAP how much it would be to do a sheet of 8"x13" with some holes from a template and he said about $5. So either he didn’t understand I only wanted one, or maybe something as specific as the TE cover would cost more. I’ll stop by the store tomorrow with an actual template and find out.

If it does turn out to be manageable, has anyone used TAP? I’m curious about the quality/durability of their stuff.

Where I get my acrylic. Fast turn around and good prices.

Looks like the thinnest they have is 1/8". But I’m just looking to either get it locally or I’ll get it from Art. Thanks though.

I went into TAP today with a print out of the template and I was told that yes, they do one offs. However it would cost me about $20. So looks like I’ll just stick with Art.

wow that is nice, especially for a big company like that. I am really surprised, partly because when i talked to them about 1 offs awhile ago they told me they did not do it. Good job on the find, if the price $20 with no shipping then that is a better deal because you still have to pay shipping charges with arts plexi

Adding to what Sikwidt said,

A TE replacement cover from Art Hobbies is $18 with out any options such as color, or custom cuts. $24 if your going for a replacement top panel.
My last order from Art was $35 for the replacement panel alone, add cost of a plexy jlf mount plate and dust washer took me over $40.

My experience is: if your going custom for a stick, be prepared to spend some money.

When I went to TAP to inquire about prices for getting something laser cut like art, they said no matter what, the minimum charge to get something laser cut was about $100.

Yeah, but I want the button labels etched on (I don’t want it on my artwork), plus I think I’ll have him print out my artwork as well, since it seems to look pretty nice, and so I don’t have to deal with any potential issues at Kinkos. So I don’t mind paying a bit of shipping for the plexi and the art.

I intend to.

I doubt they would be laser cutting my template, since the guy said he would just lay the template print-out on top of the plastic to cut it. I assume all those guys in the shop in the back were doing manual cutting.