TAP techniques and strats!

Ex rush punches also go through fireballs…

Don’t they absorb fireballs?

Let’s compare TAP to EX punches in that regard:

-You can’t absorb 2-hit fireballs like Ryu’s EX Hadouken, but you can go through them with TAP.

-You can supercancel TAP on impact, but you can’t do a super after an EX move. Then again, you can do a combo after an EX rush punch and even do an ultra after the combo.

What else?

guys. just use tap as a long range mixup.

look, if you can judge distance, you cant be countered if your gloves touches the blockbox.
half the time people retaliate with SOMETHING. use ex headbutt > ultra right after. i used it a second time and instead, they want to block the headbutt but i walk up throw instead.

3rd time i use i caught the guy in the air and still ultra’d. the point isnt to hit with it, but to buffer distance while still having backcharge. TAP > DSB, TAP ex low straight. the possibilities are endless, but its a trick that shouldnt be used unless prompt to.

i use it every now and then to break SAs. or throw > sit on the floor pretending to charge > walk up (pretend to throw) release tap when their throw whiffs.

most of us aint thinking outside the box, and treating every punch as a need to hit. i actually use dash uppers to close-in on crouchers and throw, and ex-straights as AA if the angle is too steep for my normals to counter.

but thats not a generic way for boxer to work. without these little tricks, it’d be too straight forward and we’ll be read like no tomorrow.


I just wish that his turn punch was with two Punches or two Kicks like it was in Alpha 3 and HDR. Would be nice to have access to his throws or a FA while charging a TAP. Why is it like this? It makes his turn punch almost unusable!!!

I am an idiot. Sorry L)

ohai, guile here.

So there’s a strong Boxer player at my local and a few of us are pulling this TAP business apart; a question has come up. The setup: Boxer lets go of a level 1 TAP at medium to close range and is blocked - this leaves Boxer kissing op and his options are as follows:

  • throw - the only real counter for this is a throw (-4 frames on block + 3 frame throw: 1 is the loneliest number)
  • ultra - beats throw; only counter is block or a more manly ultra
  • EX headbutt - beats throw; beats pokes; beats some specials; yields ultra; only counter is block (same as ultra)
  • rush punch - adds chip + pressure; beats some shit; can lead to other mix-ups (like FADC or overhead rush punch)
  • assorted high return/low loss moves - Boxer has some really pointy bits
    At level 1, Boxer is only at -4 frames; not a bad price considering you get 3 hours of invulnerability and great range.

a) TAP is a good opener if you like your odds: I reckon the bet is 6/4 in Boxer’s favour
– or –
b) I’m missing something really obvious


Really good against most characters I’d assume, but people like Ken with their nigh instant fierce dp should be able to hit before Boxer fully recovers more easily since reversaling the DP shouldn’t be that bad at all. Some characters like Fuerte though may be a little boned.

Sometimes I like to dash forward and then TAP so that it connects from max range. I never charge it above Level 1. I also use it to get out of crossups sometimes because you have that invincibility on startup and if they cross you up, sometimes you end up doing TAP away from them and you’re out for free.

thanks for the tricks … one way more to get out of a crossup :rolleyes:

Thanks gootecks, that’s some good shit. I’ll be missing your Urien. Do you think its terribly useful to do meaty TAPs on opponents waking up or would you use a better option? I loved doing that shit in HD remix and combo’ing for 70%.

Thanks for compiling this.

Here are some other tips for TAP (from the beginner’s guide). It overlaps some of the stuff that has already been mentioned but I posted it here incase you missed it.


TAP is a good move. but seems useful at best as anti-fireball. about outside sweep range is it’s prime range IMO, anything farther back, and they can block even if you go through their fireball.

It’s also not a good poke even at max, a person with good reflexes can Ultra you on reaction. (Dependent on character of course)

Just figured out that meaty TAP can combo pretty nicely into jab, headbutt, ultra. Can anyone work in a c.mp?

I just figured out after playing at the Gamestop tourny here in Savannah GA, that you can very, very easily be reversal’d out of a meaty TAP. I had some random scrub reversal ultra me out of a meaty TAP, then immediately reversal DP me. Be very careful.

Can any one explain the best way to rest your hand on the joystick for the 3k TAP?

I’ve tried using my ‘lower fingers’ for the kick buttons and my finger tips for the punch but this is very uncomfortable and actually hurts my hand a little bit.

I can’t figure out a comfortable way to do it.

Does anyone know how long it takes to charge different increments of TAP? I mean, sure, mondo damage is a big bonus, but sometimes I’d probably release it just not to incur too much punishment.

I assume it’d go up a level every 2 seconds, but I did see a vid with 56 seconds of hold-time. What’s the deal?

Sorry that I asked this elsewhere, but in case nobody wanders into that thread (a sticky) then I’m glad I necro’d this thread.

My question is how do you guys set up TAP charges? I’m trying to find TAP charge setups…

Is it something like jp.fp, cr.jb, cr.jp, cr.rh (hold kicks), rush punch, cb. fp, release TAP?

I use the very top of my palm, before where the fingers start, with the mid-upper sections of my fingers hitting the buttons. It’s really, really odd to play with at first, but definitely better in the long run than finger gymnastics.

I’m not sure if I get you right, but you’re looking for places to start charging TAP in a pressure situation? I normally just hide the TAP charge in another normal or special movedo a rush punch? start charging. Low roundhouse? start charging.