TAP techniques and strats!

I have problems finding places to start it AND release it. My only release point I know is going through a fireball…other than that I get scared to let it go. Your post helped a lot…let’s me know when to start charging. Let’s say I do a cr.RH and charge, when is a good time to release? Right away?

The less you focus on TAP and focus on any other move, your Balrog game will be a lot better off. TAP has very limited application. It is not a very good pressure move like it used to be. It’s more of an escape tool now.

When to release TAP is completely up to your understanding your opponent’s rhythm. There is no resolute timing to it. Study your opponent’s attack patterns and your TAP will be a lot more effective.

Use it to escape certain block strings or to set up awkward counter-poke opportunities. However, walk back dash punch is a lot more safe and reliable than TAP in regard to footsies.

I use TAP a lot, but really only to use it as a mixup while I’m getting around fireballs. I do know, though, that I once got punished with Ultra for trying to TAP a high Tiger Shot. :sad:

watch the vid that c3 posted and tell me you still think it’s useless.

If your in a situation where your TAP is charged and you dont want to let it go you can jump and release the TAP without it going off and regain your 3 K’s.

i’ve been having success with TAPS going through predictable pokes… I am so new to rog ( just been playing him for like a few days) anyway i was trying to use TAPS as a counter since it has invincible frames kinda like a counter from tekken i guess.

i dunno if this is bad or good practice it might be in how well you can read your opponent ?

I cant ever get through fireballs with the TAP, ive tried right before the fireball hits and at a small distance, are there any videos of a boxer player successfully dodging a fireball trap? It can be in HDR or SF4, seeing as I need to get the basics of the TAP down first.

TAP death combo 35 seconds in… [media=youtube]RfaPbxoHt7k&feature=channel_page[/media]

It’s likely 100% useless, but in patience matches where you aren’t immediately in their face if you have full gauge TAP can become much more usefull to have that super cancel window to punish punish attempts.

Question about higher level TAPs, do they offer more hit stun and just take longer to recover? I doubt the hit stun actually decreases, just recovery increases, if so is TAP and FADC practical at times since Balrog is rather good at building gauge?

Edit: Oh, forgot to state, this is proof that longer combos aren’t better, EX loop into Ultra does less than EX rush upper, 1lp, 1lk, 7HP, 646PPP.

Word, and the ability to use it as a wake up move is sweet as hell. :slight_smile:

Anyone know the time/damage for each level of TAP? I checked GameFAQ already but did not find it. Not sure if it is listed in the Prima Guides.


TAP data, and much much more…

From another thread:

Just thinking out loud here, what about holding all three punch buttons to charge a TP, as well as crouching block? When he throws a fireball, do a headbutt by releasing light punch to up-back, then charge again while the headbutt finishes. Get close enough and release the TP when he doesn’t expect it and hit him with a Rush punch if he blocks the TP?

Seems like it might work if he’s getting greedy or too comfortable with his Fireballs. You could even Super Cancel the Rush punch if it connects.

I dunno, maybe it’s old news to everyone, but just something I thought up. Haven’t had a chance to try it, so I couldn’t check the practicality.

Edit: Nevermind, found out that releasing one button does a TP. Oh well, makes sense.

Thanks gammon,

Dang Final TAP is 560 damage, its more than half the health bar for most characters.

if you hit akuma w/ this, he’s basically dead

i dunno if its been posted but you can tap through Ryu’s super and ultra’s early frames

I didn’t know there were different levels of TAP… So, I basically hold the buttons down longer?

Yes, sadly a massive majority of the later levels of TAP are very unsafe. A high level TAP into super cancel is still nice if you can pass through a fireball.

I’ve just started experimenting with TAP, and my general rule is to keep one charged for fireball users and to play without it for non-fireball users. I know this probably isn’t the best way to operate, but with my meager experience that’s what I’m doing now.

My issue with using TAP is that I use c.rh quite a bit to punish whiffed AAs, blanka’s electricity, among other things. Does anyone ever miss being able to kick while charging a TAP (charging TAPs with punches seems silly to me)? Do you keep TAPs charged at all times? I guess I’m just not sure about how to mix things up.


For those of you who were asking about how to charge tap on a stick, I saw this video and found it to be pretty helpful. You use under your knuckles to hold the kick keys while you still have access to your punches. It takes some getting used to but in my opinion is the most effective.

You almost never want to charge TAP past 1, generally. So you shouldn’t run around with a TAP charged willy-nilly. If you’re in close and need to kick, don’t be afraid to ditch your charge. Let go of the input during a dash or a jab or in the air or somesuch and get kicking, lean on 3k if you anticipate a situation where you need it. It doesn’t take long at all to get one ready.