I’m sure this is already on your todo list, but please load the Tapatalk plugin for XenForo. It’s officially supported. Here’s a link including the download.

I second this… I need my mobile fix… :eek:

I just installed it, take it for a test drive please.

From my Tapatalk -

"Cannot connect to forum

This forum is either restricting access from Tapatalk or the installed Tapatalk plugin is not working."

It works (just tried it). You have to search for “shoryuken” again and re-log in. It will create another entry that works (you can remove the old one)

I’m using Tapatalk right now. Everything’s working fine, except I can’t see any topics that I participated in before the change.

Also, I can’t see anything in the MvC3 forums, including within the character forums.

That did it for me, thanks.

That said, I’m unable to display more than one thread within the Canada regional matchmaking forum and no stickied threads show up.

Yeah, I’m having the same problem with the topics not showing up in different forums.

yeah the database cache has to be rebuilt, and its a 48 hour job, it will be done over the weekend, and it should be good to go after that.

yeah mine says admin disabled tapatalk. hopefully it gets fixed soon

PM tab is also missing.

you have to re-search for shoryuken.com on tapatalk.

thanks wiz

Problems for me so far, dunno if it’s general tapatalk stuff or the forum so just throwing it out there.

Wheb I go to load more topics in an area, it’ll search but only load the same number despite telling me there is more to load. For example in the T. Hawk thread it loads 0 of 29, and only loads up 0.

When I go from normal topics to sticky, the tab to switch back to normal ones goes away. I therefore have to back all the way out and come back in to see them.

I’ve been having trouble finding older threads that are still going i.e wrestling thread for example I had to find it on my Mac (and now the safari ain’t working neither) also when I check for updates it doesn’t say who was the last to leave a msg on those said threads

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Any luck updating the database? I’m only able to view stickies that were created after the conversion.

It didnt get done this week, I apologize, as I was sick all weekend.

Nah it’s all good sir. I was more concerned it got done and was still having issues. Get better!

Database is being rebuilt, its about halfway done.

Will we have to re-re-search SRK in tapatalk once it’s rebuilt?

Also, is anyone else having trouble getting links to open in their phone browsers?

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