Tape holding screw in place in Blazblue TE Stick


I recently popped open the top of my new Madcatz Tournament Edition stick to investigate what was rolling around inside the case. Apparently a stray piece of plastic had come loose and took me a while to shack it free however when putting the stick back together, the center bottom screw that holds the plate on down didn’t want to screw in at all and just spun freely. Curious I popped the top open once more and felt where the screw was going into and found that it was held in place by a piece of tape. Has anyone else seen this or know what in the world happened there? There’s not a screw post or anything there.

I can’t get real good look at it as i’d have to remove the bottom plate to get a better view of the post. Has anyone else run into this and is it standard for the TE sticks cause it sure as heck surprised me. I’ve closed it back up but left that hold open as the screw doesn’t really hold there anymore.


sounds like another issue with the hot glue chicken that was found under one… I’m going to say that the tape placed by a creative tech that didnt want to waste a part in the build of that TE


Hot glue chicken??? I’m almost worried about finding out what that was about. I assume there was suppose to be something there before like a post or something. I’ts not a smooth surface either under there. I was thinking of hunting down a nut to super glue under there to act as a screw point or something.


haha some remember that… think it was Gummowned… he opened up a TE to mod it and found a chicken drawn in glue under the metal faceplate. shows you that putting those TE’s together could get a little boreing and you get “creative” sometimes to cure the boredom… what happened to you sounds like a quick fix to a spinning screw to get the product to market.


I would get a hold of Mad Catz for a replacement. I hate to be “that customer” but its bullshit to just deal with something like that.


Yea, he cant really go back to Madcatz since he opened it himself. (yes they will never know that he opened it unless he tells them, but I like to believe that since it was not affecting the workings of the stick it wouldn’t be worth the effort of crafting a half truth)

My suggestion is to get a plexi from Art without middle screw holes, and customize your stick.


Long live the red goop chicken!

Also, best to take the entire case apart and hot glue the nut in place. I’ve had experiences messing around with the taped nuts in TE-S sticks.


Have you seen the blazblue TE? assuming its the black version, that is not a stick that wants customizing. Its easily the nicest looking TE IMO.

If you don’t have hot glue, blu tack or something similar should do just fine here. Surround the screw in it on the underside of the metal panel and forget about screwing it into the nut.


looks more like a duck than a chicken XD


maybe it’s a hybrid(chuck or dicken)?! :stuck_out_tongue: