Tapioca Express SFIV - February 26th in Elk Grove, CA. Please sticky


Who said anything about me entering??? lOL j/k why am i such a pot monster? Least i go out with style like a true korean.


Mike, can I get a ride to the tourney?

And there’s a chance that my Uncle/Landlord’s brother is the owner of the Tapioca Express (it was either the Elk Grove one or the Sac one).


Kevin (saikyo), you might come?! Coolbeans coolbeansssss


Do you know a guy named Andrew Vu? He said he met you from a friend named Harry that plays SF4.

Anyways, Andrew was my #1 nigga back in high school, so I asked him to go too.


ANDREWWWW - his fam owns a pho shop on Stockton Blvd? If so, yeah, I know him o_o. Small world haha

Edit - just got off the phone with Harry. Pretty sure it’s him :smiley:


I will be there :tup:


ATTENTION I just got off the phone with tim and moby’s will be officially closed in 1 month to another location. That means that we will have 2 more tourny’s till we close. THIS SUNDAY WILL BE THE FIRST. SO SPREAD THE WORD I WILL UPDATE THE MOBY"S PAGE!


Threadjacker :rofl:. New players, I always recommend going to local tourneys, but I especially recommend the Moby’s Fish and Chips tourney because the food is so bombbbbb. Korean BBQ beef in a burger is too good:party:


yo romeo i hella 4 gt i had ur stuff this whole time, ill get it to u this friday.hook it up wit a ride? i gt some new stuff from socal i wana see if it wurks up hear lol


It won’t work because we spam reversals here in NorCal ~ YOUR OPTION SELECTS MEAN NOTHING


whats up all! i live off laguna blvd and i was wondering if it would be cool if i bring myself, along with 4-5 of my other buddies to this tourney?


Haha **of course it would be cool - **you don’t have to ask. Bring everyone you can, man - a big reason why I’m branching out to other days/venues is so we can get a wider variety of players coming out. Bring them bring them bring them.

Introduce yourself to me and everyone else that plays when you come - meeting and getting to know people is one of the best ways to start playing more and getting better. Even if you don’t play, come out and tell your friends about it. You’d be surprised how fun and intense some of these tournaments can be.

If you need to reach me, PM me and I can give you my contact info.


I’m going to flex every time I land a bull shit 720 setup. And it’s pretty much confirmed now that Kevin and I will come.


No such thing as a bullshit setup :rofl:. Thanks and added


awesome. there’s one problem though. all of our sticks are on 360 and the setup is going to be only on ps3 right?


Everyone will let you borrow a stick. Nobody really cares, but don’t use jacks AKA MasaRAP the end result may be a almost korea loss!


Ask me. I’d be happy to loan you my stick.


Moby’s POSTPONED =( See sticky for details sorry guys.


just found out i won’t be able to make it =(


No problem. Next time!