Tapping into Sewer water? Texas drought solution might be in the toilet


:rofl: :wasted: :rofl: …Start the jokes.



That’s just shitty.


Man, this water tastes shitty… :coffee:


Already the jokes in this thread are the quality of Texas tap water.


“I always said Gourmet coffee tastes like shit…” -Some guy who hates coffee anyway, probably me.

“Now the master has become a slave too. How fitting that you should bow before that which you have shitted on for so many years!!! That which you looked upon with disgust is where you now come to seek salvation? HA!! HA I SAY!! Are you no longer so high and mighty that you cannot drink from the bottom of the well? Then Come. Have a drink with me. You’ll see now that it wasn’t so bad, and that all your fears were nothing. All comes around in the end, as I have forseen it.” -The dog. :rofl:

** I promise. I’m not drunk or high or anything else other than a little sleepy when I wrote this.**



Those Texans are really full of piss and vinegar. Or they will be, if things work out.


Does that water now have T.U.R.T.L.E. power?

Is Kevin Nash involved in this?


Brawndo’s got what plants crave.


Well, it’s gonna rain this weekend.


Stella and Strongbow just found a new brewery site.





That is indeed the worst drought in recent years, and a very serious matter.


Of course I’m talking about the drought of funny jokes in this thread.


Don’t be a party pooper. ba dum tissshhhh


You wouldn’t know a funny joke if there were a…I’ve lost my train of thought.

Must be the toilet water.


Never forget



How Texans will be drinking water in the near future:


I swear you made this same joke in that thread with the poop injection.


to be a dick, who gives a shit. mofos living in the desert and wondering why they experience drought. its the stupidest and most arrogant shit. as if mother nature is suppose to provide you with ample amounts of water for you to bathe, cook, and run your sewage system.

im sympathetic for peoples issues that we face from mother nature, but its like, yeah, if you live in new orleans, florida, etc., a hurricane might destroy your shit. if youre on the coast in general, you might get fucked. if you are on a fault that people think is gonna have a really big one within the next decade or two, dont be shocked when it happens. IF YOU LIVE IN THE FUCKING DESERT, SHIT MIGHT GO DRY AND YOUR FUCKED.

las vegas is fucked too. they just fortunately have a lot of money flowing in through vegas, even with its down years. so they can find a way to keep water trucked in. but ultimately its like, you live in the fucking desert for christ sakes. you should actually have a limit to how many people can live there. lol.

mother nature aint here to hold hands. shes the ceo of this universe, this planet, and when asked, “what about the humans, mother”, she replies, “aint nobody got time for that”. lol

fuck outta here with your droughts.


C’mon on now, it didn’t used to be this dry years ago.


Oh yeah?