Tapping LK repeatedly

Has anyone else experienced this stupidly annoying new trend in kof 12 or am I just unlucky.

basically for anyone who does not know what I’m talking about the title says it all, you enter a match, pick a team and when the match starts the random fucking retard your playing just stands there literally hitting LK over and over again.

If this happened once I would just chalk it up to someone having a faulty controller that fritzed out mid match or something but its happened to me more times than I care to think about, has anyone else ran into this?

The person is trophy/achievement whoring.

The only thing that matters for your Rank/Achievement/Trophy is your # of matches, not wins.

Therefore, trophy/achievement whores will setup a room and leave it mashing the confirm button (X on US PS3, A on 360, Circle on Japanese/Asian PS3).

When you join their room and confirm you are ready to play the match, their side will confirm everything and select characters in that same manner and order in the same manner.

They give you free wins, both sides get more matches and get closer to getting the next rank.

You talking about people defeating you online by just hop jumping lk, lk lk lk?

no the guy above you had it right, I didnt realize that you got high rank just for playing even if you lose.

they must set their controller to turbo and walk away or something because they literally stand in one place and just lk over and over again. When I run into that I just use it for combo practice, its just really annoying to get a good connection with someone with a high grade and expect a good match only to see them just farming for points and not actually playing. I just don’t get why someone would bother.