Tarantino Sets Kill Bill 3


I did a search on both Kill Bill and Tarantino and no threads popped up…I’m surprised.

Yeah, Bill’s dead. I also don’t see why Tarantino has to cast Uma Thurman all the damn time.

Cause he likes her? Just a hunch. He’s only cast her twice so far as well.

I don’t see why ANYONE casts Uma Thurman, personally.

She is a female Keanu Reeves. If you need someone to just look at the camera and do things without all that complicated “personality” stuff, there is no one better.

Isn’t that Megan Fox’s job?

Well as long as they don’t fucking talk all day (like Kill Bill 2) this movie should be tits :tup:

him and rodriguez pick certain actors and stick to them. almost all their films have actors that have played multiple roles for them

Uma Thurman was was really good in Gattaca. I happen to ove both kill bills and really liker her as an actress.

Quentin Tarantino’s movies are all about the dialogue, if you havent noticed.

Kill Bill 2 was boring action wise and dialogue wise.

No, Megan Fox just stares at the camera, period. She doesn’t do anything she’s told.

Kill Bill ftw


common to alot of filmakers, pt anderson, scorsesee, christopher geust, etc

I disagree, Budd made and stole most of Vol. 2, it went down hill after he died, however.

In this thread people pretend to be film critics.

In this thread someone pretends to be a people critic.

Uma can act. Megan cannot.

I like Megan Fox. I snuck into Jennifer’s Body after seeing Surrogates (nobody at my theater gives a shit, they don’t really check), and I thought it was a pretty ballsy performance. I can’t say she’s a great actress… But, given how I’m sure a lot of people think she’s like that character in real life (a shallow, oversexed idiot), my respect for her went up several notches by virtue of her taking that role and throwing herself at it.

Meh, I see no reason for this either, but I know I’ll watch it if it comes out.