Target combo 2 - junp cancel - throw buggy?



I just got the game yesterday on PC, I believe target combo 2 is st.MP - st.HK right? When I jump cancel and follow up with an air throw, it seems to fail 50% of the time and I get a light kick or light punch instead. I have 100% success with air throws if I’m close enough after a scramble mix up, but air throws after the target combo just doesn’t want to work properly. Is this a known issue or am I doing something wrong?


Working fine for me.


When you do a normal jump into air throw, you can kara the jump normals into the throw. So you dont need to have clean inputs. After target combo and possibly EX scramble break you need to have clean inputs.


cool av props


Was this intentional or an oversight? Kind of feels like the latter to me, but either way any other options besides air throw after target combo 2? I hate that I’m missing the throw half the time and I’d rather do some consistent damage from the target combo.


Yeah pretty sure its something that slipped past them. Honestly just practice your inputs and you should get air throw every time. If you are really struggling i guess you could rebind a button to throw. Alternatively you can do MP sting. Does more damage, meter and stun. But you lose pressure after. You have to do walk forward MP sting on some characters.


air throws have height restrictions. you’re doing it too early


The height didn’t seem to matter at all when I experimented in training mode, I still get the occasional light kick or light punch when my inputs aren’t perfect. Can we have Capcom fix this?


if the commands plinks, it should be fine since you kara’d it. but if not, it will always fail. so make sure the grab is near perfect.


You can’t kara anything during the “ex break jump” script that runs during any of her jump cancels


This seriously needs a fix I think, so many close matches all because I missed the perfect input.


So input it perfectly.

It’s just two buttons at the same time. It’s not like you’re even trying to do it in a tight situation. You’re just doing a target combo, and then a second later pushing two buttons.


I think you misunderstand, if I press the buttons together and it isn’t frame perfect, a lp or lk will come out instead of a throw. I thought it was my buttons failing but I can do it with 100% success after a scramble - hp mix up or with any other air throws; Decapre or any characters.


Everyone understands all of that.


use a throw button if it’s that much of an issue.


Sorry, I just thought it was an unintended oversight that should be amended. Didn’t mean to make it seem like that much of an issue.


it’s definitely a bug, I submitted it to the bug thread


hmm i have never had trouble with it at all i dont think i have ever missed it once. are you jumping forwards? i find when you do string fadc air throw in the corner it will whiff, she will sail right through (just have to neutral jump instead)

also in corner you can hit cl st MP almost instantly after and you will reset them and you can dash underneath them, scramble mixup, overhead, w/e you want, that is honestly the best option to keep pressure on.


I miss it about 50% of the time after a jump cancel follow up from - target combo, everything else I can get it 100% of the time. I also know about the corner issue. I think the real problem was mentioned by Veserius 9 posts down from my original post, that her script after a jump cancel does not allow for kara’d throw inputs. Judging by some of the posts here I suspect I’m probably just bad at pressing two buttons perfectly together.


funny thing is i actually missed it for the first time last night lol right after i posted this
for the minimal damage that the throw actually adds to it, if you have the chance i would definitely go for the reset in the corner. i normally just go for this combo after i have stunned my opponent so there is an even greater reason to use it in that situation.