Target Combo into hands on pad (Xbox360/PS3 probably)

I haven’t seen this method posted anywhere but please direct me to it if it has!

A lot of Gens accuse me of using turbo because I can do this on pad, but the reason why is kinda even worse (well not to me, it helps!).

The default layout on a pad has HP on RB/R1 which is kinda hard to mash out hands in combos, but switching it to a face button is a lot easier (Doesn’t take much practice to do standing jab into hands).

I have my HP on Y/Triangle which is next to my MK button B/Square, its important to have these buttons next to each other (You need to be able to hit both of these button with your thumb comfortably).

Hitting both these buttons will make the target combo come out on hit or block, hitting it rapidly will cause target combo into hands to come out. (note: about 10% of the time, you will probably hit MK first and only get that but if you did this in a combo or buffered it in a dash/movement, you will get MK into hands which is good also).

As you can imagine, doing this into super is incredibly easy (Don’t mash too hard through, wait till you are actually hitting the opponent then perform the super), this can also be used for footsies since standing HP has good priority and quite quick.

When doing this in a combo**, remember that you have to time the mashing as you would do if you were doing it normally, trying to combo into this mashing instead of timing it will just put you in trouble 50% of the time, eating mashed srks is not fun!**

You should all know what Target combo into hands can do, but for many pad players this is probably new since you thought it was impossible on pad, so go try it out!

I will put up a brief video showing it in action, (from my phone, handheld footage YAY)

Again, sorry if you knew about this but being accused of using turbo sucks, so here you go!

Update: here is the video [media=youtube]OjJxCd6ihFc[/media]

Yeah, this is definitely the best way to get hands combos on a pad. I actually use default settings (Hp as RB), which I guess is a bit harder if you’re not comfortable with two digits doing the work.
The mashing part’s correct too. If you’re overeager, you might just get Hp straight to Hands, which would mess up your rhythm.
A lot of people ask me how I manage TC->Hands on pad as well man, it’s not just you. Shame, if hey looked a bit more, the button presses would prove to be too slow for a turbo.

Actually I plink hp mp then plink mk hp then hp hp

Dont get mad, just asking. Why dont pad players get sticks?

well, it takes months (at least, it took ME months, lol) to get used to the stick. Sticks are rather expensive if you’ve no chance to get the (excellent) Qanba in China (I paid it 70€) and till some time ago in Europe no shops had them any longer…