Target doing trade-ins


Target gonna take over!
less Wal-mArt can buy it back for lik 95% of value! haha

This system works for electronics and video games (says so)

Haven’t tried it, about to!

Limited on what the want
bout 20,000 items

CoD mw2 7
BO 20

Imma call EB when the open


LOL, i clicked on Black Ops. I went through the questionaire. I put I had a cracked disk, no artbook and no original case just for lulz. 13 Dollars…Wtf?


yes to all three and mines came out to $0.20


LOL XBOX 360 Tekken 6 value = $1.25


might have to do this.


We did this for a brief period when i worked at sony

except they really screwed up the first few days and were giving out 50 dollars for every cell phone and digital camera and 75 for every video camera…even old ass ones from the early 2000s lol


they want $88 for a flawless maxed out laptop hahaha