Target posted up their Black Friday sneak preview... in July[!VAR(REF_MARKER_ID)!]&emseq=177630987

20% off an xbox?
$250 off some TV?

Wow, this shit’s starting EARLY

it was my understanding that these are black-friday-LIKE deals happening this friday.

That could be… :slight_smile:

What is this, Christmas in July?

reminds me that I saw a fuckin halloween store open up like 3 weeks ago. Who the fuck buys their halloween costume this early?

Haha. Funny. Gotta make dat money.

20% of an XBox would be piff…

  • :bluu:

That’s $40 off…
Also, FYI - If you get a Target Debit card (NOT A CREDIT), it’s like linking your checking account to a card that can only be used there, you get another 5% off of everything you buy. It’s not a big deal, but Target does allow you to stack promotions. My PS3, extra pad, SSF4, and Bayonetta came out to $140 or so, this last December.