Taskmaster combos - Anything you can do I can do better!

  1. cr.:l:, cr.:m:, cr.:h:, :f::h:, j.:m:, j.:m:, :f::h:, j.:m:, j.:m:, j.:s:, st.:m:, st.:h:, :b::h:
    , :s:, SJC., j.:m:, j.:m:, j.:h:(1 hit), j.:f::h:, j.:m:, j.:m:, j.:h:, j.:s:, fj.:qcf::l::h: OR [In Corner], j.:qcf::h:(charge) xx :qcf::m::h:

having trouble with connecting these parts
after the j.:m:, j.:m:, j.:s: to st.:m:,st.:h:…

i feel either im doing the j.:m: j.:m: :f::h: too fast, not getting high enough in the air before j.:m:, j.:m:, j.:s:'ing them

or maybe i need to delay :s: in j.:m:, j.:m: j.:s: part

any tips?

Well, jpwn, it’s highly character specific. You’ll just need to get a feel for it, it can be incredibly difficult on sentinel and other big characters… But, if you can do it on Sentinel, you can probably do it on anyone.

You’ll pretty much have to get a feel for it. If you want a lot of footage of it done successfully, I pretty much have that combo down (But even then, I still drop it sometimes :shake:) and there’s a lot of recorded footage of me on;

YouTube - natearistata’s Channel (I’m Dacidbro)

Maybe just watching it done correctly a number of times will help you get the hang of it. Good luck.

I agree. It’s very easy to just look at spacing and do it offline, you get a feel for it. Online I end up dropping the combo pretty often because one timing doesn’t fit all.

I resort to j.:m:j.:h::l::m::h::b::h::s: online. Deals less damage but works on everyone with the same timing in the corner, and you can see ahead if you need to adjust midscreen.

A really nice way to setup his XF :b::h:>:qcf::l: loop is to use the SM> headbutt XFC then :b::h:>:qcf::l:. Unblockable 100%? yes please.

Thanks for the advice and your quick responses!:tup:

il probably start practicing on sent

yea i noticed some characters seem to have different timing b/c of their size and such.
and i will check out those vids for sure, im sure seeing how the timing is will help out.

hm i definitely will try that, i think its not too bad to used simplified alternatives if i can still connect the end of the combo

Just wanted to say that Tasky can use the damage/scaling reset with Spencer without having to x-factor. Just DHC after the 3rd hit of Spencer’s cinematic super (right after Spencer launches the opponent), and you will recover from the counter super before the opponent hits the ground.


Edit: rashreflection had a good variant that I just saw. He actually pulled off the loop, something I haven’t done consistently on characters yet.

Does anyone have any tips to offer on the “Arrow Lift” combos that are on Trag13’s Youtube channel. I’d like to eventually make them my BNB when I can start executing them properly. (1) How do you get Task to get close enough to the opponent after the air :s: knockdown to do the qcf+:h: on the way down?? Also what is the timing for it? Do you have to wait till the last second??

I have been trying to do those combos, they are hard, if you want to try them online, just forget it, you need good timing and lag will be an issue…

Now we have 2 scenarios here:

1.- if you start with your combo in mid screen, after the :s: you will have to jump towards the opponent and not straight up, like the normal combos and then after jumping mash :s:, now that alone will set you up in the position you need to do the arrows, but you will have to wait. I recomend watching carefully how many bounces does a character do, so you get an idea of when to do your arrows.

2.- In the corner its way easier, at the end of any B&B that ends with an :s: after a SJ aerial combo, you will land after the opponent, when you land jump immediatly and wait for task master to start to fall to the ground again (that means you need to watch closely) tasky will bend a knee, thats when you need to do the arrows.

I havent tried with every type of character but im 70% sure that you need a different timing for every type of character (small, medium and huge ones).

I hope that helps…

You should be able to do it from Spencer’s 4th hit as well. The hit strikes, but when you cancel out, they go into the “spin” state so they retain the height.

Also, it works from Storm’s DP+PP as long as you combo the DP+PP in a juggle. Humbag found that if you do a ground loop into c.H xx DP+PP and DHC to Task, you can easily combo c.L after. b+H shouldn’t be a problem either.

@Vastago yeah online play is horrible, Its even hard to execute some of the basics with the horrible lag. But thanks for the help I’ve actually figured out how to do it in the corner, just have to get it down to were I can do it consistently. But as fat as mid screen, am I correct in assuming the the first sequence before the :s:, air :s: qcf+:h: is the same whether your in the corner or not?


A video, because I just got my recording setup repaired and videos are fun.

Don’t forget that you can utilize assists as well when abusing the dhc glitch, i.e. dhc from cuttin’ time to task, normal jump forward, hard arrow shot down otg with deadpool quick work called a little earlier, land and juggle into something sweet of your choice that can cope with the added hit stun scaling thrown in at the start from shot and assist.

i just heard something about lvl1 xfc for infinite, any information on that?

You know what’s better than this? Getting it off of the LAST hit. Midscreen.


Hey everyone! just recently picked up taskmaster and im having really hard time connecting his spidey swing j.m j.m j.s
the problem is landing the j.s i hit it every now and then but i was wondering if theres any useful tips to help me hit it more consistently


What is the full combo that you’re trying to do?

I found a [media=youtube]1DoRxsXyEMA"[/media], but I don’t know if they are any good or not…


That’s just a basic b&b with xfc thrown in.

yeah, so nothing special…