Taskmaster tricks and gimmicks?

Post them here! =)

I main Task/Sent/Wesker and I found out the following things:
-His jumping :h: is a nice instant overhead on bigger characters like Tron, you can hit confirm jumping
:h: > J. :s: > BnB combo

-His jumping :s: with Weskers low shot assist is a nice far range unblockable that can lead to a 720k+ combo

-Sentinel Force + Charging star xx unblockable headbutt gives them enough hit stun to perform one of his BnB’s after it. This works if your opponent does not advance guard the first hit.

-In the corner, Sentinel Force will hit them if you do OTG arrows xx Down Super Arrows, its good for extra meter and damage.

-Midscreen, if you use Sentinel Force and OTG with diagonal super arrows (QCF+ :l:+ :h:) sometimes the sentinel force will pick them up and you will be able to jump and do straight super arrows (QCF+ :l: + :m:)
(note: I don’t know how to time this properly so any tips with this will be appreciated)

mmm… Well Spidey swing is one of those things that can save you froma lot of stuff…

I usually use it when i dont want to take chip damage (super jump, spidey swing, just to stay in the air a little bit more)

You can also use it to confuse an opponent…

If you start a normal combo, then do the launcher and immediately S, the camera wont follow you, and you get to do a spidey swing just to delay your landing, you can play with which side you want to end up.

I’ve been running Wesk/IronMan/Task for so long, but finally tried sent today (been ignoring him because everyone else used him). Now I know why everyone uses him and I think he’s got a spot lol. I’ll try out your timing tomorrow, thanks for the idea!

p. gdlk name, gotta say

TRICKS AND GIMMICKS: Throw out a move you expect the opponent to be able to punish (:d::m: is a favorite of mine) and empty cancel it to one of Taskmaster’s counters. If they don’t fall for it, they’ll obviously want to punish your counter, but you can empty cancel *that *to one of your hypers. Aegis Counter is the obvious one, but I usually go for Legion Arrow instead because if they read it you still push them across the screen.

Well as was already said, the Aegis Baiting. Like to use this during a zoning pattern (with drones), using upwards arrows. Once the opponent gets close and finds a ‘hole’, usually during vertical shots. Kinda dumb.

Dash cancel into low M against a few characters (Storm, Deadpol, C.viper, Taskmaster) will pass Task to the other side of them.

Round Harvest, Dry tag, Sword Master to BnB~

I run Task (Up Arrows)/ Dorm (Dark Hole) / Doom (Beam) - My team is designed to run

One thing I’ve been trying (but the execution is a little tight, still getting the hang of it) is using Dorm’s Dark Hole assist to make Task’s charging star safe on block then canceling into sword master :l:. Basically gives me a free chance to punish a whiff from a distance or someone who is spamming an attack (i.e. Tron Jumping :h: or :s: ) and then if they block, allows me to use sword master to headbutt to finish to get some damage or cancel into Legion Arrow to continue DHC. Plus, since the dark hole makes advancing guard near impossible, it really increases the chance of successfully using sword master’s followups

I guess you could do this with any lockdown assist (i.e. Ammy Cold Star, Sent Drones, Cap Shield)

I’m trying to find uses for sword master, but it seems like short of canceling charging star it is pretty worthless

Looks like such:

:a1: to :b: + :h: to :f: :d: :df: :l: to :h: (on block) to :d: :df: :f: :h:

If you use it from a far distance then swap sword master :l: for :m:

:a1: to :b: + :h: to :f: :d: :df: :m: to :h: (on block) to :m: to :h: to :d: :df: :f: :h:

If the opponent gets caught, then the dark hole keeps 'em in place to go into BnB or if sword master hits unblocked, it causes spinning knockdown that pushes back for space advantage or can be followed up with Legion Arrow :d: :df: :f: :l:+:m:

What do you think?

750 off an unblock?

almost every combo task does should kill if you do it properly

normal one bar bnb should do at least 850+

This isn’t too significant, but I did find that Task’s j.H Arrows crosses the opponent up when they’re in the left corner, but not in the right corner.

It actually crosses people up in YOUR corner, not THE OPPONENT’S corner. If you’re player 2, it’ll cross up in the right corner instead of the left.

Ooooh. Interesting.

That was already posted actually :slight_smile:

One thing that I really love doing is similar to the Gootecks Shimmy for Balrog. I love to Backdash cancel into a normal (H mainly) on entry or whenever it feels right. Many times rushdown characters will run straight into it and if they end up guarding, you can always safely turn it into something else like an Aegis setup which you all know where it goes from there.

Give it a try some time. I play Taskmaster religiously and then there are other characters on my team or something. They don’t really matter. This is my favorite thing of all to do. It makes me smile when people are baited, thinking they can reversal/counter it.

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opps, my bad heh

Don’t know if it’s known yet, but I like to time a well spaced Up Legion arrows on incoming characters after a snap or a kill then either mix them up or sword master to unblockable while they are being locked down. I find that the only time I get punished is when I’m point blank against characters with 3 frame normals. I usually run tasky as anchor so when that is the case I X-factor near the end of the super to have more time for my mixup. Good thing about doing this is if the opponent decides to mash, they get hit by the arrows and a dash cr. M will allow me to confirm into a combo. Only escapes I know are sentinel hard drive and fancy DHC trickery.