Tasty Steve is MvC3's Yipes


He’s clever, funny and, in my opinion, out-shining Yipes! If you need evidence, watch a Runback archive




There will never be another Yipes.


I’d put steve in top 4 behind Yipes, Matrix, Noel


I forgot about Matrix - he is pretty good. Noel has never really excited or impressed me. Sure the Bionic Arm with Ultra David was great, but other than that I can’t recall him ever saying anything that made an impression on me.


Steve > Yipes. There I said it.


Yipes is MvC3’s Yipes.


the only thing I like about tasty steve is that although hes incredibly annoying, hes still less annoying than james chen.


Steve is a good commentator, but Yipes has that hype that can’t be matched.


Yipes commentates and plays UMVC3. This thread is pointless, therefore I’m closing it.